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The Hilton Head Island community got together Sunday to help clean up Broad Creek.

They pulled things like straws, paper and cans out of the water in an effort to keep Beaufort County beautiful.

The event was put on by The Outside Foundation. The Executive Director, Jean Fruh, said trash gets blown free, flows downstream and gets tied up into the grasses.

So people went out on kayaks, boats, and on foot to get to the trash in the marsh areas and banks.

Fruh said getting the waste out of the water can help save the lives of wildlife.

“Anything from an innocent plastic bag can look like a jellyfish to a dolphin, it’s very very dangerous. Fishing lines can get hung up if the fisherman pulls on it, it’s snaps, and then he or she can’t find that. That could be a danger, that could be an entanglement for a bird,” said Fruh.

School groups also came to volunteer. Luke Johnson from May River High School said he’s excited to give back to his community.

“It just makes me feel so uplifted and I’m glad to give back, you know, every change helps, every little impact. I’m glad to do it,” said Johnson.

And he’s seen how the litter can affect marine life.

“We went to the South Carolina Aquarium actually and we got to see a lot of the debris that ends up inside sea turtles and any effort that we can do to help prevent that is a great cause,” said Johnson.

So the Hilton Head community took matters into their own hands

“We like to think that most of the litter that makes its way into the creek is just accidental, but one way or another, we’ve got to get it out of there. So that’s what today is all about,” said Fruh.

You can volunteer in one of these cleanups during the three times a year the foundation has them. They have them in the fall, spring and during their water festival in the summer.

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