Giant ‘sinkhole’ opens up at stunning holiday spot Inskip Point beach for second time in three years

Beachgoers were shocked after a seven metre stretch of sand collapsed into the ocean, sparking concerns about climate change.

The popular tourist beach in Queensland, Australia has already lost chunks to the sea, after a caravan, car and tents were swallowed up in 2015.

ABC reported that the the scene was filmed by Greg Pearce, who was heading out on a fishing charter on Monday morning.

Back in 2015, the Inskip Point beach was feared to be at risk of disappearing completely, according to Allison Golsby, a local geotechnical engineer.

Dramatic aerial pictures show the size of the sinkhole that has opened up
(Image: Facebook)

Glen Cruickshank from Rainbow Beach Helicopters said this was larger than the one that made international headlines three years ago.

He told ABC : “This new hole — it’s through the beach, it’s through the trees, it’s a round hole, quite deep and quite big.”

He said it was a few hundred metres from where the previous two appeared.

The sinkhole has taken an entire beach with it
(Image: Facebook)

“With all the three sinkholes that have been there, they have all been in an area that’s only 400 metres between them.

But despite being dubbed a ‘sinkhole’ because of it’s appearance, according to University of the Sunshine Coast associate lecturer in Earth Sciences, Peter Davies says it’s actually a landslide.

Charter operator Greg told Daily Mail Australia : “‘Yesterday looked perfectly normal, people were sunbaking. This morning when I came out you could see there’d been a fair bit of erosion.’

“The whole beach, where the day before was dry land, was gone.”

One person on Twitter said: “Our planet is haemorrhaging due to climate change: sea level rise, wildfires, typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, drought”

Another had a slightly more light-hearted approach, saying: “Nice new fishing spot!”


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