Frugal Fishing V

hey I'm Mike welcome to Frugal Fishing Five I'd like to introduce you to my good buddy, Mike Vissari here we're down here mid july, chincoteague island virginia we're gonna head out here behind us, and try our hand at a little flounder fishing see if we can't stir up a few flatties now Mikes been nice enough to drag his boat down here, we were out turkey hunting up in western Maryland earlier this spring and we didn't have much luck but I had the camera along was talking to Mike about the video project and he was nice enough to offer to tow his boat down here later this summer and get together and do a little fishing so I guess all thats left is to put this baby in the water and go and dee if we can't find a doormat nail a doormat or two OK Lates do it to it fish on i got this one I don't know what he is looky there a little flat fish we did it we caught one the birds are hitting bait I don't think he's gonna keep a little under the size limit a little under the legal limit but thats the first fish of the trip right there it just goes to prove that they are in here now all we have to do is increase the size a little bit he bumped it Yeah FISH!!! OK he aint that big but he is definitely there well I'll say this for you you can put the numbers in the boat we just need one over seventeen there he is soon as the bait hit the bottom man thats a right nice one right nice one here yes! he's gonna be close he's gonna be really close, he's flapping! let's see what he measures NOPE not quite, he swallowed the hook too how deep is it? it's real deep in there he took it in the guts what I'll do instead of trying to yank it out is I'm just gonna go ahead and kiss him? cut that line and he'll go back down there and the hook will rust out and that way he'll live to be a keeper one day, we hope so fish on fish on! fifteen sixteen foot of water #$@% might have to bleep that out I guess sure feels nice to get the first one in the boat there buddy nineteen inches thats a keeper, he might just keep There he is it's not a flounder it's a little whiting or kingfish, they call these kingfish and they are right good eating that;s whats been giving us those little taps that we haven't been able to figure out what they are he's bleeding like a stuck pig, they call these kingfish they're northern whiting hey something for the table something different I'm not going to complain Ha whats going on I got me a big old blue sponge crab she's full of eggs isn't she get off there you know I got a big old crab it wont let go boy they are good at killing minnows look a little hardhead must be a school of these in here oh yeah another one a big spot look at this, we'll we were fishing for flounder and the tide changed and the flat fish stopped hitting so we came over here and found a school of croakers and some spot in this channel and got out light tackle and we're gonna have a little fun until the tide settles down and the flatfish start hitting again they are fun on this light tackle a little fresh water rig makes these hardhead feel like king mackerel Yeah OH YEAH! a little flattie we're off to a right good start this morning WOOOOO Flounder we've been joined by Mikes son Mike so if your names not Mike, your not allowed on the boat yeah it's the Mike boat, gonna be a lot of fun hey Mike What can I get a minnow mike okay mike sure mike you've got two other people that are willing and ready to help you when you say that can't believe I caught a mantis shrimp that's a big flounder thats a nice one tail dancing flounder HOLD STILL !!! we got flounder everywhere in the boat! they're all small but I'll tell you theres some good action this morning! look a parasite mines bigger than yours MIKE MIKE MIKE cameras rolling! this is the best kind of take good fish! nice flattie this one is gonna keep this will be some crappy footage detection kit excel I got him foul hooked we'll put him on the tape when you head up to the bait store to get your bait for the trip the proprietor is going to have a bunch of pre-tied rugs to sell you with fancy flashy spinners and beads one way you can save yourself some money is to learn how to tie your own rigs you want to attach your hook to the business end of your leader with a good secure knot and the snell knot is a great one to learn it''s been a go to knot for anglers for ages it's a little intimidating to tie at first but once you practice it once or twice you'll be tying it on the water in a matter of minutes to start taking an appropriate length of leader line and feed it down through the eye along the shank of the hook and hold the tag end with your right hand continue by taking the free end of the line putting it back up through the eye in the opposite direction now once you've got the lines through the eye it's going to form a loop, snug the loop down not really tight you want enough line to play with then grab the eye,line and hook with your left hand continue tying by taking the back side of the loop and wrapping it around the tag end and the shank of the hook I like to wrap this seven or eight times and as you wrap you snug the wraps down tightly with your free finger up as close to the eye of the hook as you can now once you've made your wraps all that remains to be done is to take the tag end of the line and pull the snell up tight on the eye of the hook and trim off the rest of the tag end now once you've completed that you can go ahead and add your teasers to your leader perhaps a few beads maybe even a spinner blade and then this is ready to attach with your favorite knot to the rest of your rig once you've got your hook tied on you can buy the beads and spinners separately if you want to add flash to your rig and the we finish our rigs out for this trip with about two feet of leader the hook and the bait and what we're doing here is using a three way drop swivel thats tied to the main line and on the drop weight you'll save yourself a bit more money using a lower pound test line if your main line is 20lbs test, use a 10 lb test on the drop line to the weight that way if you snag bottom you can go ahead and break the weight off without loosing the rest of your rig fish on fish on sentiment that it was in the boat it's a dog fish shark really Mike??? that's the opposite of flounder about like yesterday the tide started ripping through pretty quick and the flounder action slowed down so we got over here to stir up this school of croaker again and have a little fun FLOUNDER! I don't think he'll measure up wow he's going crazy hey there we go got a flounder mixed in with these croakers

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