Four endangered sea lions dead in nets in one week –

Four critically endangered sea lions dead in nets in one

Four endangered NZ sea lions have been killed
in commercial fishing nets in one week, making this the
third day in a row endangered animals have been confirmed
dead at the hands of the commercial fishing

“Four endangered sea lions in a single week,
five so far this year, is sickening and totally
preventable” says Forest & Bird Ocean Advocate Katrina

“Commercial trawlers should not be fishing in
the same patch of water an endangered animal lives and
breeds in. There is no way anyone would be allowed to
accidentally kill four kiwi in the course of making a
profit, so why are commercial fishers allowed to kill
endangered native animals?

“This week, we’ve already
learnt of four Hector’s dolphins dying in trawl nets, and
five endangered albatross dying on long lines. Add to that
four NZ sea lions, and we have a picture of an industry and
set of regulations that are totally broken.” says Ms

“New Zealand’s oceans are some of the largest in
the world, yet we have barely any marine reserves, and none
at all in our deep oceans. There is nowhere in our deep
waters that albatross, sea lions, and other precious animals
are safe, and this will only change when the fishing
industry is properly called into line,” says Ms

“New Zealand’s fishing industry is responsible
for the deaths of hundreds of marine mammals and thousands
of seabirds every year, and those are just the ones we know
about. It’s time our Government stood up to bad apples
like Talley’s and Te Ohu Kaimoana, who are blocking
projects that would make a difference like marine reserves
and cameras on


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