Fly Fishing South Carolina’s Salt Flats

We're on the North Edisto River going after redfish on the fly You can catch them in a variety of ways, but there's something about catching them on the fly

I love fishing I love the sport of fishing I've gotten lucky I've been able to make my living doing what I love The Lowcountry is one of my favorite places to fish

I've fished from Canada to Belize and Mexico, but my heart is here That's where I love to fish Most charter captains that you'll encounter have put their time in They come out and they scout fish They have the equipment

They have the knowledge Local knowledge is indispensible When you're on the platform of a flats boat, your vantage point is such that you can look down and see a lot of fish that the angler on the front of the boat can't see So you can help direct them where to cast, the direction the fish are coming in Bird's-eye view never hurts

We're actively stalking these redfish I'm coming in nice and quiet, using the pole to push us in where a motor would make too much noise And the key to catching these fish is not to get in there and disturb them and make them spooky Fishing with the fly for redfish and then even really any fish in the Lowcountry is the ultimate challenge The area is beautiful

That's the main thing Just being out in this beautiful environment and fishing for redfish, trout, flounder, is spectacular It's a fly fisherman's paradise Fishing for redfish in South Carolina is something you can do all year long It's nice to be able to go out and have no worries

You can contact a guide in South Carolina, you go down, you hop on the boat, you fish, hopefully catch a lot of fish, and in most cases, they'll clean them and bag them for you and, you know, all the worries are his, not yours I'm getting lucky I retired when I started my career 'cause I fish all the time So I really lucked out being able to fish for a living, and people tell me from time to time I'm the luckiest guy in the world I agree with them sometimes

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