Fly Fishing for Trout Despite Car Problems (Never Give Up)

Well that's gonna end the fly fishing trip early Yeah that's not ideal We made it, I watched my temperature gauge I kept an eye on it watched it like a hawk and we seem to be all good now so yeah I still want to address that leak when I get home, but yeah we should be fine So let's do some fishing now

Since today is kind of weird really just anything is gonna make me happy I think it'll make a good video, so let's get to it What the why did that happen that time? oh my god I'm having a this is my nightmare okay casting better now Oh almost had one did you see that bite? all right well I had a bite in that spot but I missed him

but that's good news, that's good news already yes! yep, got him! okay I know how to do this now Oh that's nice looking one, got one! ooh! I almost fell! (laughs) hey! I did it! Oh! Today is a success! I'm so happy guys let's look at this beauty, there he is Nice! Nice looking fish I got to unhook him now real quick look at that, the double bead The double bead prince nymph

nice looking fish let's release him Let me get a selfie with him ok let's release this guy there he goes! see you later dude! oh he's gonna go hide under a rock I'm so happy! Got one fish so the day is definitely a success One of my favorite fishing channels is realistic fishing, and he would say something like "your car overheats on the way to fishing?" "That's realistic

" Yeah this is awesome not gonna let car problems stop me I need to get out of these wet waders pronto It's probably dangerous I've been standing in there for so long last time I went fly-fishing the other day I was aware that there was a slow leak, but it was tiny like the bottom of my right foot was wet last time that I wore those waders But this time I was drenched! Yeah I don't know I didn't really notice at first, but as soon as I got out of the water to unhook that other fish

oh I could feel it! So that wasn't comfortable I guess I'm in the market for new waders now we had some setbacks but I did still catch one fish so that's awesome

I feel like I'm improving at fly-fishing, I learned quite a few things today, and yeah that's all that I can ask for is just to improve Having your car break down and having leaking waders that's realistic Comment below if you have any tips for me and please subscribe if you liked the video I'm gonna have a lot of fly-fishing videos this year Thanks and I'll talk to you soon

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