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At the Sports Center Ada in Pljevlja, a Fly-fishing academy was held, gathering about 40 interested fishermen from Pljevlja. Fly fishing techniques were presented to them, through theoretical lectures on execution and equipment for this type of sports fishing, the basis for making bait, as well as the basics of casting in fly fishing.

The lecturers were Montenegrin fly fishing representatives, as well as bait binders Ivica Rajkovic, Radule Micovic, Bogdan Markovic, Radovan Krkovic and Petar Vucinic.

The organizers of the Fly-fishing Academy donated a fishing rod to Daris Dzidic, the youngest participant from Pljevalja, and thank-you notes to all the participants.

The founders of the Fly-fishing Academy are SRK “KolaÅ¡in”, SRFFK “Ravnjak”, SRK “Lim” and SRFFK “Maniro”. The Academy was organized in cooperation with SRK “Lipljen”, which hosted this event.

Fly fishing is part of the sportiest fishing technique, which is most closely related to the knowledge of nature and events in and on the water, and entomology as a science.

From SRK “Lipljen” they said that special attention would be devoted to this technique in the forthcoming period, through the promotion of the “Catch and Let go” motto and through the formation of Fly-fishing hunting area in Rabitlje.

Text by Goran Malidzan, on February 12th 2019, read more at Vijesti



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