Florida Fishing: Is a charter boat worth it?

Alrght, we're focused What's up guys? We're going out on a charter

Charters can get really frikkin expensive The question today is: Is a charter worth it? Let's find out I hope I dont get sea sick! I don't want anyone to know, but I do get sea sick sometimes and I don't want to ruin the trip for everyone You're just going to have to swallow it if it happens No, I'm going to chum! If it comes out, it's going in the water, it's bringing in the fish, 'cause that's just the nature of me I'm always trying to attract people, trying to attract fish, and, um, if I throw up I'll turn it from negative to positive, it'll be a good thing We're about to start fishing now, huh? Yup Bait

What kind of bait? Mojarra What kind of fish are we going to be, uh, targeting right now? Right now, mostly bluefish, because I know they're in here, I've been seeing a lot of reports and a lot of my friends have been catching them, um, but, hopefully we're going to get some nice snook, uh, some big red fish, jacks are always, always in here The snook right now are averaging over 30 inches– Uh-huh– So that's — Pretty good! Alright guys, you're gonna have to reel it up, I'm going to have to get us in, we're getting a little close to the rocks We're gonna drift to these bumpers, so you can cast out and start your drift now We're movin'– We're moving super fast

That guy's brave Woah, we're going so fast Yeah, we're moving 5 miles an hour right now Swims like a fish! Ah

Oh Oh, the hook gone Yeah, you can't, uh, You can't really horse them a lot in here in this current, Just a little slower rod-tip raises, M'kay

Um Lesson to learn It'll get it, yeah, It takes– It's a steep learning curve What you got there, Killian? You using those goofy jigs? Yeah! Nice first fish of the day Yup I'm putting a live bait rig together Gonna put a shrimp or a mojarra on here Shrimp? So, do we want to try and keep this toward the bottom? Just cast it out straight and just let it drift, we're just gonna drift it Gotcha We've had so much wind lately, it's just been– Stirring everything up? Got'em? Yup! Yeah just keep that– keep that line tight! Keep reelin' on him That's a pretty strong fish

Little jack Got one, or are you hooked on the bottom? See how that circle hook gets them right there in that little meaty part of the jaw? Every time Little guy (No, if you put the steel on your bite ratio is gonna go down a lot

) Yeah? Ooh! Got one! There we go! Fish on in the back! Heck yeah, buddy! I think I'm just gonna grip her– Woahh!! Whoo! Hoo hoo! Whoo! Alright, worry about fighting that fish Yeah!! Look up!! Whoo! Come on, jump! Whoo! She's jumpin'! These are huge! Yeah, man, they're big, alright, bring 'em up Holy monster blue There we go! Yeah-ha-ha-ha-ah! Whoo! Friggin' biggest blue I've ever seen Biggest blue I've ever seen! That's uh– You don't usually get them that big? Noo! Quarter of the size, if that! I mean, the ones we get this guy would eat! Yup

Hah! Oh, wow! Nice Uh! We don't want to lose him, he's bait! Hah! He's shark bait Yes! So– He looks like a shark Got one? Fish on! Oh yeah, that's a fish On the memory stick! I feel like I'm up north! Whoo! A little bit bigger! Really? Oh, bigger! Nice! Damn, Dad! Look at that, a shark got a hold of him! Yeah? What!? A shark hit him! Just now, right? Not just now, no He'd be bleeding like crazy– he'd be bleeding like crazy, yeah he got nailed Wow (Erin feeling very sick) Whoahh! There we go! Oh! Baby girl got one! Oh my gosh, what the hell Whoah! Let it fight, Erin! Let it fight, let it fight! Remember? Yeah, I know, but it jumped! Just let it fight, the only way you'll lose it is if you try and horse it in right now Yeah It's getting tired

It's getting tired? Yeah– ooh! Whoo! Maybe not! Dang, Erin, that's a big one! Yup, bring him up, bring him up, bring him up! Leader– got'em Alright! Dang! And the hook popped out right here! Popped right out! Perfect! Perfect timing How did that feel? Whoo! I want you to see its teeth

Look at that! Holy crap! You do not want to get bitten by one of these! That's amazing Look at those teeth So we got three nice keepers! I think this is keeper size, right? Is this keeper size? Ay cap, are these, are these, are these uhh keeper size? I think they might be! What Justin was saying is that, they don't usually run this big, this is the first time he's ever seen the bluefish this big from the inlet, so, we are very lucky to have been invited on to this boat, and to see all this, um, all this crazy, huge bluefish action here Here would have been the spot Alright guys Whoop! Here you go, Erin

The beauty of the charter boat is, um, not only will the captain put you on fish, but you can tell the captain what you want to do, so we chose to, to hang out by these flats now, and, uh, we're looking for little sea creatures and, um, that hide in the weeds and stuff What's that smell? It smells weird Uhm, it's probably you stepped on a sulfur pocket or something, I'm not sure

Alright, Killian, what you up to? I already caught one really cool-looking green shrimp, look at that shrimp Chartreuse / green shrimp Woah! That's a shrimp? Shrimp! It's swimming around! Cool! So, I've been eating a lot of Cuban food around here, and Puerto Rican food, and their diet consists of a lot of beans and, uh, a lot of pork so, I-I, I've literally been farting all morning, and, um, I don't know if anyone's been noticing, but they're pretty rank What did you find there? Treasure? Ugh, it stinks

(Brendon laughing) It stinks? I don't know what it is, babe What is that? I'm serious It's so stinky Is it seaweed? I think I just cut my foot on this

Erin, let's look for some hermit crabs (Brendon gasps) Erin, it's alive! Look at that! You found a live– con– I think it's a–Ooh! It's peeing! Drink it, drink it! No Quick! Noo Drink it! Stop it! It's alive! Ooh, a little file fish, Woah! A lot of little crabs There's a shrimp, a nice- sized shrimp Oh, look! A pipe fish, a little tiny pipe fish! Woah! I wouldn't want that swimming up my

dick Yeah well, in the Amazon they have ones that do it I know! Need a push? Hey, if anybody knows

if anybody's watching this and they know what this is, please let us know We're not allowed to keep snails, so we're going to let it go right now Alright guys, if you want to do this same charter experience, this guy, Justin, he's a very good captain, awesome person to be around, and he put us on some really big bluefish, and that's the awesome part is: he can put you on some fish If you are interested in it, check out his Facebook page, Team Sea Legs His favorite kind of fishing to do is the off-shore fishing, the vertical jigging

So, if you're down to do that give him a call So this is dinner? Dinner Yeah! Alright, we're back at the shop now, Killian is gonna fillet this huge bluefish, and, uh, show us how he does it, we actually need to take out the oil line, what's called an oil line on this bluefish so that it doesn't taste so fishy and oily A lot of people don't like to eat bluefish, we're going to try it today ourselves, we're going to bring it to a restaurant, and we'll be the judge ourselves Alright, so we've got the garlic and butter bluefish here, and then we've got the blackened bluefish, we've got a conch burger, grilled conch burger, conch fritters,

salad and the smoked mullet, which we had the other day and let me say, it was delicious Alright, so supposedly this is a very oily fish, I don't know Doesn't smell too fishy

Tastes like chicken I literally think everything tastes like chicken I think it tastes like fish Tastes like high- grade fish, really, it's delicious It's pretty delicious It's got a great flavor and texture– Who says they don't like eating bluefish? Everybody! Why? It tastes delicious! — Common wisdom! Listen, he knows how to fillet them

If you fillet it correctly, take that oil like out, THEN tell me you don't like it And tell me why, (it's good,) because I really like it Tasty Mhmm Mmm, very good! Thank you, everyone, for watching this video, we really appreciate your support, if you could hit that subscribe button, we would like you even more! A very special thanks to Team Sea Legs and Native Tackle Supply for putting us on these fish, shoot us a comment and let us know what you want to see next, and stay tuned for more

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