Fishing Tips : What Is Nylon Fishing Line?

Today I'm going to tell you what nylon line is Back in about 1930's or so, they came out with a line called mono-filament

And mono-filament is extruded polymer and it's been around for a long time It's served us well, it still has it's purposes today And the only problem with it is it retains memory, that means that if you left this line on this spool for a long time It's going to come off, and see how it's basically, is curled It is not very abrasion resistant

And over time the experts and pros at fishing have demanded better products, and they've come up with different types of polymers and lines Different grades, and through the years they've come up with a nylon, which is a co-polymer that developed through the petroleum industry And it is extremely slippery and it is abrasion resistant And it is extremely strong It's ten times as strong as steel

As a matter of fact this twenty pound test nylon that I have in my hand here, as you can compare it to the twenty pound mono-filament And you can see a huge difference in the diameter It's probably half the diameter, which in turn makes it easier through the water, and extremely sensitive And as I said very low abrasion And this is the line of the future

It does have it's down falls, however You can't tie a good knot with it, because it's very slippery There are only certain knots that the manufacturer would recommend I generally use a palomar knot on the majority of the nylon lines and the nylon grades But certain manufacturers require that you use a different type of knot

See it's always good to check with the manufacturer to find out what knot works best for it So I hope you learned a little about nylon line

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