Fishing Tips : Using Bait Fish for Bass

Today we're going to show you how to rig bait fish for bass Generally for bass, bass fishing is done with generally shiners, golden shiners, or even perch or goldfish where it's legal

Now the first thing you want to do is when you hook up your rig is generally use one ought or two ought hook These are small hooks just for example You're going to tie that hook on with a clinch knot, or what ever knot you feel comfortable tying We're going to trim the tag end off, if I don't hook myself Here we go, and now what we do is we place the split shot about eight to ten inches above the hook

I bite it down to clamp it down, it's a small split shot Just for example And then there's all kinds of different bobbers you can use Corks, bobbers, whatever you feel comfortable using You definitely want one that's going to be able to keep the fish somewhat stable

And you want to put the bobber up generally about two and a half feet from the hook And now you're going to hook up your shiner, your golden shiner right behind the dorsal fin, and there you go There's your rig You've got your bobber, your split and you've got your minnow on your one ought or two ought hook And then then there's another right that you can use if you hook it through the lip, with a weedless hook

Hook the minnow through the lip, put the weed guy on it, and that's just another option of hooking it on And that's how you set up for bass with a minnow

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