Fishing Tips : Spooling a Reel

Hi today we're going to show you how to spool a spinning reel First thing you do you get your line, and you're going to feed it down through the guides

Then you're going to tie to the spool of the reel with an arbor knot Now on a spinning reel there's no real good way of spooling without having some kind of memory in the line where you're going to get a little line twists So basically what I've found that when spooling a spinning reel, that you set your spool down the same way, the same direction that the reel turns on your spinning reel So if it's coming off one way onto your spinning reel, you want it to come off that spool the same way And that reduces line twists

So basically what we're doing now we're letting it come off, and then you're going to spool that reel, you want to have only about a sixteenth of an inch, an eighth of an inch of gap from the outside of the spool to the line itself And that's how you spool a spinning reel

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