Fishing Tips : How to Rig a Fishing Pole

Today I'm going to show you how to rig a fishing pole First of all we have our pole

Now down here this is called the reel seat, so you attach your reel to it This one here it slides into a notch down on the but, and then you clamp it down And it locks the reel in place Now we're going to get a little bit of line up out of the reel by clicking the bell, and we're going to feed our line up through the guides These are guides

Going to feed it through, feed it through there, feed it through the next one, and the rest of the two We don't want it to slip though, but it does sometimes Now we're through the top, we're going to flip the bell Now if you don't know what kind of reel to go along with your rod check in with your local shop that sells your fishing rods, or your sporting goods department at your local store And they can fill you in on what type of reel goes with what type of rod

So now that we've got that all set up, we've got the line fed through the guides Then we can attach whatever we need, whatever kind of set up we need Whether it be for fishing with a spinner, or fishing with bait And that's how you rig up a fishing pole

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