Fishing Tips : How to Fish With a Crank Bait

Ok, today I'm going to tell you a little bit about how to fish with a crank bait Now, crank baits come in all different sizes and all different shapes

You have different shapes and different size lips as you can see this one here and this one here Now, the lips of the crank bait determine how deep the crank bait is going to go This short one here, short lip, is generally a couple feet under the surface of the water Then, you have this one here, probably mid depths, down to maybe 8 to 10 feet or so Then you have this lip here, which is a little bit larger than that one, and it's going to go down probably 12 to 14 feet or so

Then you have this extremely large lip which will probably go down 20 to 25 feet Now when you fish crank baits, a lot of people are afraid to fish them in trees and stones for fear they are gong to get caught because of the double and triple hooks These lips help the bait bounce off the rocks You can fish these through rocks and the ideal places to fish these things, and the ideal way to fish them is to bounce them off rocks, you bounce them off trees You come up to a tree and bang that tree, bang that rock with it and kick up a lot of dust and that's what triggers the strikes

You come up to a rock and you might stop it for a little bit, then start going again, crank it, bounce it off anything you can find, riff raff, rock piles, stumps You would be amazed at what these baits can go through And a lot of people are afraid to fish them that way And that's how you fish a crank bait

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