Fishing Tips : How to Fish with a Bobber

Hi, today, I'm going to show you how to fish with a bobber Okay, first of all, we've got our basic bobber, and there's all kinds of different bobbers from red and white bubbles to corks to this balcer type bobber

Now, what you do; First, first of all you want to set up your hook and you put whatever bait you're using; worms, minnows or whatever, and then up about eight to ten inches from that hook you want to place a split shot What the split shot does is, it keeps the bait down Then you put your bobber on-on the line This one here happens to be a spring-loaded type bobber You pull down on the spring and there's a little slot in the balcer where you put your line in, and then you let that spring go back up, and it holds the line in place

Now what you're going to do, after you have your rig set up and your line out there, what you're going to do is you're going to cast that bobber out there, and then you let it float down the stream or the lake or whatever; and when that bobber pops under the water, you're going to set the hook and that's when you get a fish, and that's how you bobber a fish

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