Fishing Tips : How to Cast a Fishing Pole

Okay, today I'm going to show you how to cast a fishing pole Okay, there's all, there's many kinds of poles out there, and this is with a, we're using a spinning reel on this one here

There's bait casters There's spin casters, but this is for casting out with a spinning rod Okay, what we're going to do; we're going to point in the direction of where you want to cast You're going to hold your arm out straight, and then what you're going to do; you're going to bend right at the elbow, bring it back over your shoulders, and then you're going to just throw it forward, and there you go That's how you cast a fishing pole, and then you'll just retrieve it in

When you're bringing back that pole, what that does, is it loads the pole It bends it back a little bit so you get some power, and when you bring it back, that pole loads and then you're going to, when you come forward with it, it unloads and helps bring that-that line out there

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