Fishing Tips : How Strong Are Nylon Fishing Lines?

Today I'm going to ask the question how strong is nylon fishing line Long time ago back in 1938 they invented mono-filament fishing line

Now mono-filament fishing line is an extruded polymer, and it served us well for quite a long time But fisherman along the line demanded a stronger, more abrasive resistant type of line And recently they've come up with what's called nylon line And nylon is a co-polymer that is extremely slippery, and extremely strong for it's size It is ten times stronger than steel, and it's half the diameter of a mono-filament line

I don't know if you can see this but, this is twenty pound test mono-filament And this is twenty pound test nylon line, which is extremely different in size If you can see that, I don't know if you can, but it's very slippery very abrasive resistant But it does have its downfalls in the fact that it doesn't hold knots very well You should check with your manufacturer to find out which knots are preferable for this type of line

The most manufacturers recommend a palomar knot, but there are some that recommend different types of knots So you want to check with them So basically it's a lot stronger, a lot thinner, and by virtue of being thinner it gets down a lot deeper And it's more sensitive than a mono-filament line

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