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– [Narrator] From Careco TV, one of the longest-running outdoor programs on television today (upbeat instrumental music) Exploring the country and the coast in search of adventure

(turkeys gobbling) (water splashing) (upbeat instrumental music) From the mountains of the Great Northwest, to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, this is Americana Outdoors, presented by Garmin (upbeat instrumental music) (upbeat instrumental music) Americana Outdoors' Clark Wendlandt will take you on a ride in the new Ranger Aluminum RB190 for a fun fishing day at Matagorda Bay, Port Lavaca, Texas (upbeat instrumental music) But before that, we're stopping by at Lake Calaveras, just south of San Antonio, for the 14th annual CAS

T for Kids event, organized by Catch A Special Thrill fishing charity organization, also known as CAST

(upbeat instrumental music) – You're doing everything right If they're smiling, they step off that boat and big smile, that's all we're after You know, just make 'em happy (upbeat instrumental music) – This is our 14th annual CA

ST for Kids event at Lake Calaveras, sponsored by CPS Energy CA

ST stands for Catch A Special Thrill, and that's what we're trying to do is show the special needs community all over the country that families of special needs kids don't have to be restricted to being indoors, doing anything, I mean, we want 'em in the outdoors We try to encourage outdoor fishing activities, outdoor activities, boating activities Everybody loves to do this stuff, whether you're special needs or not, you know? So, that's what C

AST is all about This is our 25th anniversary of the foundation, and this year we'll have about 65 events throughout the country

– 16 fisher boppin' – [Narrator] Catch A Special Thrill is the largest fishing charity in the country, serving special needs children, military personnel, and introducing kids to the joys of fishing And once again, Americana Outdoors has a chance to join one of the CAS

T program, the CAST

for Kids – Be careful (yelling and laughing) – [Man] Give it up for Lily (cheering) Good job, Lily – At four

– How many have you caught so far? – Four – Four of 'em Are you having a good time? – Yes – Thought it'd be a good opportunity for our son to experience this, so, and he loves being on the outdoors – They're very helpful with the children, and they cater to their needs, so that's why we enjoy being with the Respite Program

And he enjoys being there, it's fun (speaking in foreign language) – Yeah – All right So, he's having lots of fun, so we're thankful (upbeat instrumental music) – [Narrator] The C

AST for Kids event was designed to create an adaptive environment, where children ages five to 17 and parents could both benefit, sharing a day of fun on the water, that they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to experience (upbeat instrumental music) – Back up a little bit

– [Man] Wow, here we go Man, he's a big one (laughing) – [Man In Green Shirt] Perfect – Hey How about that, Andrew? – [Man] High five

(slapping) All right (chattering) – Today we're out here for some kids to have some fun I mean, there are some kids probably who have never fished before in their life, and they get to come out here and fish for the first time, and you can see by their smiles that they're having a great time I think just seeing them as they come here, cause they're all excited and don't know what to expect, and just as fun as when they leave, they're all tuckered out, cause we just wore 'em out all day (laughs) And that's the really cool feeling

– Pull it (laughs) Come on, pull it in, pull it in – See, ash out (laughing) – [Man] There he is, there he is (splashing) Pull away

(laughs) – Osya for a fish For a fishy – [Man] Here, you wanna hold it for the camera? – It's my fish – [Man] That's your fish? (laughing) – You're gonna touch this one? – [Little Girl] Yeah – Yeah, OK

– Touch him, here again, touch it – [Woman] Come touch the fish All right (laughing) – [Woman] Wow, that is a huge fish – Touch it, mama, touch it

– OK, I'll touch it (laughing) This is actually our second time out, but it's been two years since we've come, and the kids are totally engaged in this event, so just being able to enjoy seeing them have a good time, watching everyone have a good time, and it's just very difficult to do that Without their help, I wouldn't be able to do this by myself – [Woman] Tickle – Oh

(laughing) – [Woman] That's my daughter, Morgan She's caught, this is going on fish five, here, if we catch another one, so (laughs) She's really into it She wants to touch them, and she's ready with the net (laughs) – His eyes

– [Man] Look at that, his pretty eyes, the little whiskers – Yeah – [Narrator] If you'd like to be a sponsor for the CAS

T for Kids programs, or donate to help provide disabled and disadvantaged populations the opportunity to enjoy the sport of fishing and boating, or wanna volunteer on the events, please go to castforkidsorg (guitar strum) Americana Outdoors, presented by Garmin, is brought to you by Garmin Fight your fish, not your fish finder

Cabela's, it's in your nature Yamaha Marine, reliability starts here And by Ranger Boats, still building legends, one at a time (instrumental music) Welcome back to Americana Outdoors We're at Lake Calaveras, Texas, for the annual C

AST for Kids And this year, it's sponsored by CPS Energy

The event is designed to provided children with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy a quality outdoor recreational experience, through the sport of fishing (upbeat instrumental music) – It's an event that, it's their 17th year of holding a kid fish It's a very popular event with our volunteers, and we host a number of United Way children's charities throughout that time, partnering with CAS

T for Kids and also Texas Parks and Wildlife (upbeat instrumental music) CAST

for Kids is a partner of ours, and they provide the tackle boxes and the fishing poles for the kids Taxes Parks and Wildlife actually comes out and stocks the lake with the fish that the kids catch And then, the charities that we're sponsoring this year are Camp, which is a United Way charity for disabled children, and then also Respite Care So, about 40 kids from both of those charities are out today with their families or with that charity – [Man] Oh, nice

(splashing) – Oh, got it We only got 22 And we're going for 23 I, like, pull it very hard, and then, when it gets close to me, I actually reel it in You need a good hook set

– [Man] Good hook set, that's awesome – So, this is a great event to have kids come out from Respite Care and CAMP

, to participate on a kids fish day We got lots of fish in the lake and lots of kids catching fish, so we're pretty excited about it It's great to see some of these kids catching fish for the first time, their smiles, their, you know, you can see that, their enjoyment It's just wonderful to watch 'em catch fish out here – We love to fish, and we have lots of opportunities

These kids probably don't get the opportunities we do, so it's our way of giving back, and coming down and putting smiles on these kids' faces – [Man] Have you been fishing today? – Yes – [Man] Have you caught a lot? – Two – [Man] How about you, have you fished a lot? – I've just been camera man for him (laughs) – [Man] Very nice

What's your favorite thing about the event? – I've worked with special needs kids all through middle school, and I love to work with them, so coming down here is, like, really fun throughout, like, to look forward to throughout the year – [Man] All right, Tasha's catfish – CPS Energy is really proud to be part of this event, because it's one of the biggest ones we have where all of our volunteers come out, and they love to, because they get the one-on-one interaction with the kids And that's what it's all about is helping those in our community – Of course it's the excitement of the kids

And these are special needs kids, for the most part, and they've never had an opportunity to come out and have a fishing experience So, it's the delight and the excitement on their face, and actually getting to have that experience But then, selfishly, it's also about our employees and their opportunity to volunteer, it means a lot to them, and you can tell by the volunteers that come back every year So, it's that combination, it's just, sort of, a feel-good event, makes me very proud (upbeat instrumental music) – All right, say, bye, fish

– Bye, fishy (laughing) (upbeat instrumental music) – [Narrator] You can donate, sign up for volunteers, and find out more about CAST for Kids events near you at castforkids

org Well, coming up, Clark Wendlandt goes saltwater fishing on the new Ranger Aluminum RB190 Stay tuned (upbeat instrumental music) Americana Outdoors, presented by Garmin, is brought to you by Big Bite Baits, designed to bring the big bite to your line Sunline, the strength to guarantee your confidence

And by Power-Pole, swift, silent, secure Welcome back to Americana Outdoors Our next stop is Port Lavaca, Texas We hit the water with Clark Wendlandt at Matagorda Bay for saltwater fishing, on a new Ranger Aluminum RB190 (upbeat instrumental music) – I've really been wanting to do a show in saltwater

And we're here today, Matagorda, Texas, going to fish Matagorda Bay And the thing about it is, is I've actually fished here my whole life I've never been in a boat in this bay right here So, I really have no idea what we're gonna find It's my favorite thing to do in fishing, is trying to go and figure it out

We're gonna fish for redfish, trout, and flounder Whatever bites, we'll take whatever we can get (upbeat instrumental music) Got a great big one Get up here (upbeat instrumental music) Pure poison, or saltwater poison

But to me, it fishes exactly the same way And he's red (upbeat instrumental music) He's red Absolutely even up (upbeat instrumental music) That's not a giant

Pretty nice one (upbeat instrumental music) (splashing) (upbeat instrumental music) There's a bunch of 'em in here, and I gotta get back out fast I'm throwing that Rage Swimmer right now, which is a cool, little swimbait that Strike King just came out with (upbeat instrumental music) Trout, up there Get in here

(upbeat instrumental music) That's our first speckled trout of the day We are way, way back in here And the coolest thing that's happened is, you know, we thought we were gonna get out there, and we saw a bunch of slicks, and we were gonna catch 'em out further out And all the sudden, we get back in here, and, you know, there's a blowout high tide And this blowout high tide, all of a sudden, you know, we're gonna, it just pushes us back, but it pushes all the fish way back in here, too

A 15-inch trout right there (upbeat instrumental music) He's going in (upbeat instrumental music) (rustling) (upbeat instrumental music) (instrumental music) Now, what are you gonna do, Clark? So, literally, this fish hit on the other side of the deal, and I gotta go in (instrumental music) (laughing) Oh, that's fun (instrumental music) That is fun, right there

Perfect, even size right there We're gonna stick him in there and catch another one (instrumental music) When you catch 'em that shallow, one thing that just happens is, is it spooks the school That's OK (instrumental music) There he is

What's on cast That's so great I could see his tail coming out of the water That is so unbelievably fun right there Get up here

(instrumental music) When you get way back in here, and you start seeing that tail, and you work your way over to him, or you wait over to him, you wanna catch that fish really bad That's really fun, right there (instrumental music) (music drowns out talking) (instrumental music) What I'm doing is, I'm actually, I'm throwing a Rage Swimmer, but I'm actually, now, I'm just, kinda, hopping it on the bottom, just cause there's so many fish (instrumental music) (splashing) (instrumental music) Trout That's cool

That one's not quite big enough to keep But you just threw in that little cut and 14-inch trout (splashing) (instrumental music) You know, so far, we've been out here, in this Ranger Aluminum saltwater boat, and it has worked so well We've got in to that really shallow stuff It's really the only reason we've caught any fish today

Now, the test is gonna be, let's see how it does in the rough water I mean, it's been howlin' all day, and we gotta run all the way across Matagorda Bay So far, it's really performed beautifully (instrumental music) – [Narrator] Find out more about any Ranger Aluminum models Visit rangeraluminum

com (instrumental music) Americana Outdoors, presented by Garmin, has been brought to you by Bubba Blade, the ultimate sportsman's knife Arctic Ice, we put the cool in coolers And by Spro, sports professionals (instrumental music) – Hey, we had a great day fishing Matagorda Bay yesterday

Caught redfish on a blowout high tide We have no idea what we're gonna face today We're going back out, seeing if we can catch some trout Oughta be a fun day (instrumental music) You know, that second day we get out there, and it's calm

It's totally different So, we get out in some of that open water, and there's some slicks around We find some green water, and we get a couple bites I'm throwing a popping cork with a swimbait, you know, down, maybe a two, three foot liter And, you know, so that, kinda, clued me in

If you ever get one hit your cork, you might be able to catch some on top part It's pretty common I had on my rod just a Bass topwater, a Sexy Dawg, and, you know, in saltwater, down there on the Texas coast, people like bright colors, and I just know that And so, I went ahead and put on the, you know, the brightest-looking one I had, had some chartreuse in it, had some white in it It wasn't very long, and I caught a nice trout

I did what every saltwater fisherman in Texas always has done and put on the brightest one I had, chartreuse sexy shep It looks like a cork (instrumental music) Another one going in the box (instrumental music) (music drowns out talking) (instrumental music) See the tail? (instrumental music) That tail's out there now (instrumental music) (yelling) God, is so frustrating right there You can see these black tails coming out, and you know they're big, giant reds

You throw in there, ka-pow I mean, that fish just absolutely hammers it And he was swimming so fast, I was reeling as fast as I could reel, and I absolutely could not catch up to him And now, I see him going sideways, and he comes off (scoffs) (instrumental music) That's what you call an opportunistic figure

I mean, there's crabs out here, everywhere, coyote, in the middle of nowhere, with no fresh water that I know of, out here, and they just make it just fine That's incredible (instrumental music) (reeling) Trout, good one (instrumental music) (thumping) (instrumental music) He came off, and I got him in I just can't tell you how far back in we are, and those trout are still back in here, too

I mean, that's just, I'm just learning about these fish, but I've always thought trout were wanting to be out a little bit farther, not way back in That one was way back in (instrumental music) (reeling) (instrumental music) (beeping) (instrumental music) (thumping) (instrumental music) Three spots, got a triple there (instrumental music) Only one spot on that side That's pretty fun

(instrumental music) (splashing) (instrumental music) – [Narrator] Inshore anglers living near the coast have the best of both worlds Redfish and specks nearby, plus the option to pursue bass and other freshwater species, when the bite is hot With a wealth of prime fishing waters within reach, these anglers need a versatile, performance-oriented rig, that can withstand the rigors of inshore saltwater angling, and will still deliver the features necessary to be a bonafide freshwater craft The New Ranger Aluminum RB190 measures 18 feet, eight inches in length, and is rated for 115 horsepower The center console design boasts a 96-inch beam, with features like a foam-filled hull and wood-free construction, to ensure a quiet, stable boat, with absolute fishability in skinny, backcountry waters or open bays

Built atop a pad hull, the RB190 delivers the kind of lift, handling, and performance typically reserved for much larger boats The fiberglass center console offers three stand-up, rocket-launcher-style rod tubes on both sides, with dedicated dry storage for even more rods, complete with individual tubes Additional storage can be found under the front deck center and starboard length, as well as in the rear deck, under both jump seats At the stern is easy access to batteries, breakers, and oil fill A removable, fold-down pedestal seat for the rear deck comes standard, as does a bicycle pedestal seat for the front deck

To learn more about this fine Ranger Aluminum RB190 or any of the models in the Ranger boats lineup, visit rangeraluminumcom and rangerboatscom (splashing) (beeping) (instrumental music) – No, little red God, I just thought that would get trapped

(instrumental music) That's not bad I don't think he's a keeper I gotta get some pliers (instrumental music) There he goes Hey, it has been so much fun, fishing Matagorda Bay

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to fish saltwater If you get the opportunity, check out our website, like us on our Facebook page, message us, let us know where you'd like to see us hunt or fish We'd love to hear from you – [Narrator] Thank you for watching, and see you next time on Americana Outdoors (dramatic instrumental music) Americana Outdoors is a Careco TV production

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