Fishing for Striped Bass

(mysterious music) – [John] What the hell's going on? – [Tony] Bro, we got the call last night They're in

The bite is on at Race Point And even though there's a ton of great places to fish on the Cape, anyone who knows when it's on races the place (electronic music) – [John] The window of opportunity is small when targeting monster striped bass They're here today and gone tomorrow So when you get the call you know you have to drop everything

Get out there as fast as possible (drum music) – [Tony] He's running up front (screaming) Jam 'em! Jam 'em, Johnny! Jam 'em! (screaming) Bro, we gotta get bait – [Boy] There's bait already (electronic music) – [Tony] Yeah, we're markin' em, Johnny

Right there, there's a school right below us 10, 15, 20 feet down I got something Here we go I got 'em

Roll 'em right in the boat, Jamie – [John] Let's do it Look at you, you're a pro releasing everything You can target stripers a number of ways but the first stop is always to try and find live bait Good job

Using a jig rig or what's commonly known as a Sabiki rig, we were able to fill the live well with fresh mackerel for the day (upbeat electronic music) – Yeah, we're on – [Tony] Here we go (upbeat music) (screaming) (cheering) – [Boy] Oh, look how big that one – Good job, that's a big boy

– That is a big boy – [Boy] That's a keeper Totally – [Tony] On the freeline 6/0, dude! – [Fisher] Freeline, 6/0 – [Tony] Live lining your bait can be executed several different ways but today the mackerels allowed to swim freely attached only by a single 6/0 hook

The bait will generally swim down and away from the boat directly into the striped bass (electronic music) – Here we go, here we go – Another one? (thrilling drum music) There's one following – Oh my god, I see 'em – See 'em? – Another one

– Two of 'em! Three of 'em! Following 'em – [Boy] Yeah, looks like– – [Fisher] Oh yeah – That is nice – That's a fat fish Get up there, yeah! It's a two-handed right there, ladies and gentlemen! (cheering) Get him, Tony, don't lose 'em

Tony, get 'em up! – Don't go in the water! Good job! He just wanted to stop by and say high But that is a world class The fish were at Race Point so we dropped everything for that opportunity to get into some world class stripers Live mackerel proved to be what they were hungry for, giving us a day we can never forget – When you're out there, it's not about the size of the fish or the amount of fish you catch

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