Fish Monkey Wants You To Catch More Fish With Their Cold Weather Series Gloves – YakAngler

If cold hands are the thing that is preventing you from performing at your peak kayak angling capacity, then Fish Monkey is confident that they can help. Their cold weather series gloves are designed for peak winter fishing performance and they have a number of professional anglers who swear by their products. 

Tim Horton, a professional bass angler, is one of the people who claim that his Fish Monkeys are what allows him to fish at the highest level possible. A big priority for Fish Monkey with these gloves is protection from the elements without interfering with the ability of anglers to fish effectively. This means there is no reason to worry that you will lose dexterity or sensitivity in your fingers while angling with the gloves. 

The fact that Fish Monkey has seven levels of hand protection for cooler weather conditions alone is a pretty good indication of just how serious this brand is about fishing gloves. Instead of being just another wool glove, their Wooly Half Finger glove is made from ultra-premium, breathable wool fibers, finished with a soft knit interior fabric and synthetic leather palm. Like all their gloves, the result is a piece of hand protection that is not just comfortable, but also functional. According to Tim Horton, the gloves also give him a better grip on his rod and reel, which is a big plus in cold weather. 

If you are interested in the full Fish Monkey line up of angler-centric hand-wear, then keep an eye out at your local retailer or head on over to their official website where you can find their 2019 Catalog. 


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