FIELD NOTES – Collecting Male Flounder for Brood Stock

I wish it was a little deeper Give me some insight to floundering

It takes 4 males to fertilize one female's eggs and the males are more important than the females because they can't catch them in a gill net because they're so small which you'll see in a second But the handling of them, we're doing a different scenario by putting that bucket because it becomes an aquarium and then he dips it out The less handling, the better the fish are and the survival rate [boat engine] Yeah, that's it Perfect

Perfect There's going to be more past this place We got a fish right here to the right That's perfect, too [cell phone rings] Get in there

See he's buried in the sand? He moved out of this bed right here and now he's right here So I can just go right there? See him right here? His tail's here? That's him There, that's him Now, see if you can get this big one It's a little bit shallower water

Little one, too Look at that Watch him milk it Watch this Come on

-Can't tell yet -Look at him! Just 3 separate cages They can just, like, stack them They'll be easier to get out

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