Enjoying the benefits of fishing without baiting the hook

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I am not what you would call a fisherman. My dining partner thought to make me a fly fisherman once when we discovered a gorgeous Montague Paladin split bamboo fly rod among her grandfather’s effects. A samurai’s sword in the hands of a veteran fly fisherman, in my hands this katana of a fly rod caught cattails, tree branches and my left earlobe but, sadly, no fish. I still like fishing, having better luck with my good old rod & reel, catching bluegills and even a bass. Once. Most of my catch wound up being cooked for supper, though not on a regular enough basis to qualify for my Food Provider merit badge in Paleo Scouts. No, if I want fish for supper, and being married to a dining partner who still hasn’t conquered her fish cleaning phobia, both of us spend a relaxed evening with friends at the Bonefish Grill over on North Roan Street, and enjoy dining of a piscatorial nature. Our latest foray found us in the company of dine-around bunch pals the Dieter and the Carnivore, who told all of us he was in the mood for seafood. The Dieter was back counting her calories and felt that Bonefish Grill could not only help her out, but make it delicious. Knowing how popular Bonefish Grill was Saturday evenings, my dining partner wisely made our reservations for 5:30 p.m. This was a good idea, as we arrived just in time to surf the crest of the supper rush. Our server Nikki showed us to a table that had a clear view of Bonefish Grill’s efficient kitchen, populated with some very busy cooks and servers. Calamari and Ahi tuna sashimi starters While we pondered our menu choices, the four of us munched from a bowl of Bonefish Grill’s excellent calamari ($10.30 with marinara sauce for dipping), courtesy of the Carnivore. To thank my meat-loving friend, I had Nikki bring him a regular-sized plate of their sushi-grade ahi tuna sashimi appetizer ($12.30.) Wrinkling her nose at my ordering sashimi, my dining partner ordered Bonefish Grill’s Cod Imperial ($21.30) with macaroni & cheese and the in-house coleslaw as her side orders. The Dieter decided she would have an entrée-sized portion of the Bonefish Grill Salad ($8.50) with a bowl of their corn chowder with lump crabmeat ($4.90). That sounded good to me, so I ordered the same thing, substituting a skewer of grilled shrimp for the chowder ($14.50). The Carnivore went deep-sea fishing, choosing the Neighborhood Catch Special, being Bonefish Grill’s Neuwirth Mahi-mahi entrée ($26.90) His side orders were steamed broccoli (Broccoli? Really?) and garlic mashed potatoes. Bringing our drink refills, Nikki also brought a loaf of Bonefish Grill’s superb baked bread, together with some pesto’ed olive oil for dipping. The kitchen put on quite a show for us in getting our entrées and sides made to order and out to our table in about fifteen minutes. Cod Imperial My dining partner’s evening started off with a “Thud.” Two bites in, my partner discovered that the “Imperial” part of her Cod Imperial entree was too salty for her taste. A quick discussion with Nikki put it right; this replaced entrée done with very little salt, and a low salt version of the Imperial topping mixture of shrimp, scallops, and crabmeat all blended with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese shavings and topped with a delicate lemon caper butter reduction. A few bites and a moment of concentrated savoring brought a smile to my dining partner’s face and a look of relief on the face of the cook watching from the kitchen. Bonefish Grill salad plus corn chowder The Dieter’s Bonefish Grill salad is a crisp, crunchy mixture of Romaine and Bibb lettuce, hearts of palm, diced tomatoes, pitted Kalamata olives, with a citrus herb vinaigrette to hand if needed. Our friend lingered over her corn and lump crabmeat chowder, enjoying the corn-laced creaminess of the chowder and the sizable morsels of lump crabmeat suspended in it. Neuwirth Mahi-mahi The Carnivore became particularly fond of Bonefish Grill’s Neuwirth Mahi-mahi entrée, prepared the same way as their popular Salmon Neuwirth entrée. Here, your thick-cut mahi-mahi filet is rubbed with olive oil top and bottom, then spends about five minutes under the salamander, leaving it cooked but still moist. While your fish is broiling, make your Neuwirth sauce by adding chopped garlic to hot melted butter along with torn spinach leaves and some feta cheese crumbles. Mix lightly, pull your mahi-mahi out of the broiler and spread the Neuwirth sauce on top. Add side orders of steamed broccoli and Bonefish Grill’s tasty garlic mashed potatoes and you’ve got one happy Carnivore sitting there. Bonefish Grill salad with grilled shrimp (PICTURED) How was my Bonefish Grill salad with shrimp? Positively scrumptious. I may double up on the shrimp the next time I order this dish. Besides their menu’s lunch and supper offerings during the week, you have to experience Bonefish Grill’s Saturday Brunch from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. or their equally remarkable Breakfast Brunch from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Sunday. I recommend the “Endless Bubbles” brunch option where, for $19.99 per person you can get unlimited Eggs Benedict in four styles, an unlimited portion of whatever the Sunday Special is, plus unlimited mimosas and/or Bellinis to wash it all down with. Though having your cake and eating it is a well-known good thing, I am here to tell you that eating wood-fired seafood cooked and served by the professionals at Johnson City’s Bonefish Grill without having to bait a hook is that much more of an enjoyable experience. Why not stop in and see for yourself? Bonefish Grill 1902 North Roan Street Johnson City 434-0247 www.bonefishgrill.com Credit cards accepted

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