‘Disaster-Predicting Fish’ Reportedly Spotted in Peru Days Before Earthquake – Sputnik International

A magnitude 8 earthquake that struck northern Peru early on 26 May might’ve been preceded by a herald straight from ancient folk tales, the Daily Star reports.

Mere days before the disaster struck the South American country, and shortly before a similar calamity hit eastern Japan, a deep sea dweller known as the giant oarfish or king of herrings was discovered by locals washed up on Vichayito beach in the Peruvian town of Máncora.

According to the newspaper, this fish is regarded as “messengers of the palace of the God of the sea” in “Eastern culture”, and its appearance on the surface is believed to presage an earthquake, thus earning the creature the moniker “earthquake fish”.

Source: https://sputniknews.com/latam/201905261075363826-earthquake-fish-sighting-prediction/

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