Deep Sea Fishing, Mexico

Say Hi The fish will say "it's shiny" Desayuno Desayuno? uuuhh, shiny, uh brillante It hurts my hip "uh huh" is Madrie up here? We got a long ways to go Give it the biggest pull all the way back Yeah, there ya go Alright Yeah gettin' close Mama's gonna catch a feesh I might need some help "you got it" reel that back, er, hold this one here? gettin' close? pull him away from the propeller "Come on, fish" *devilish laugh* "Are they good to eat?" Those are red meat You can eat it "We might as well at least try it" "You were close" I'm tirin' out Do you want it? oh, I gave him some slack yeah, he's right here Straight down "Alright" "Look at that" "good job, Marc" let me get okay, here we go "Don't let him fall" *SHRIEK* "Picture time" Okay "Alright" I'M HAVIN' FISH TONIGHT" "Are these boobies?" more like purple There we go Pick it up and put it back down in the same spot "That's it"

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