Cyclone Fani raises safety concerns in Kochi – The Hindu

Fishermen in Kochi have expressed concern that around 100 fishing boats that had ventured out after Easter day from the Kochi harbour have not been communicated about the developing Cyclone Fani.

The Indian Meteorological Department has issued warnings against fishing in the deep sea during the coming days.

Charles George of the Matsya Thozhilali Aikya Vedhi said that 250 boats had gone on fishing ventures after Easter day. However, only around 150 boats had been contacted and warned.

Refuge in Lakshadweep

They had been instructed to seek refuge in Lakshadweep Islands.

The remaining 100 boats could not be contacted. It is believed that these boats were located north west of Lakshadweep, he said.

There are around 600 fishing boats operating out of the Kochi fishing harbour.

The situation has riled the fishermen because most boats are yet to get safety and communication equipment. Mr. George said that while safety and surveillance had to be stepped up, the fishing boats must be fitted with satellite phones, which would enable communication in times of emergencies such as the one facing the coastal areas now.

The fishermen’s union has written to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to seek assistance from the Coast Guard and Navy to trace the 100 boats that have not been contacted.


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