Coat Hanger Bait rig – Best Cut/Whole Bait Rig For freshwater or saltwater or squid trolled baits.

Hello! Today I am going to show you how to make a Catfish rig tool from a coat hanger We're going to cut the coat hanger up and cut a reverse notch in it

We'll form a blade first and cut the notch I'll show you how we use the leader material with it Have these rigs prepared ahead of time We have the shrink wrap here for the handle of our tool We are using a shad body instead of real bait today

Here are some other hooks you can use depending on the size of the fish you are going after Here is a real popular circle hook a lot of people are using To start with I have one hook applied and on the other end we are going to put a loop using a surgeon's knot It's become my favorite knot It is real quick, all it is, is a loop, two wraps, wet it and draw it down

That makes just a excellent knot The harder you draw, the tighter it gets So we will trim that off And I will show you how to make the tool First thing we are going to do is cut the coat hanger about 5 inches up from the end

On this end we will make the whole thing about a foot long We are going to bend this up, so we can bring it down and make it parralell so we make a handle Slide our shrink wrap up over that so we have a nice handle We will heat the shrink wrap I will hammer the end down and make it into kind of a spear point

Then we'll continue from there Now here you can see I have flattened this out We will work that down Doesn't have to be real sharp :But that's sharp enough

Just enough notch to hook your line Here's what the tip of your tool looks like The notch is in there so you can grab onto your line and pull that back through the fish and out the side of the tail and embed your hook at the back Instead of cross body hooking You will catch a lot more fish and save a lot of bait by using this method

It feeds through a real fish a lot easier than this What we're going to do is come out the side of the tail About like so We hook our leader onto that We just draw that right back through the fish

Until we get our hook in the fish You can rig this however you want You can leave the hook out the side You can rotate it and bring it through the side of the tail This is my favorite so that it lays like that

This part being narrower, the fish comes in and takes hold of it, you still have plenty of hook exposed to catch the fish So there is the finished tool There's the bait rig and you are ready to go Catfishing "Good Luck!"

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