Chasing Catfish for a weekend – Meerval – Silure – Waller Fishing

It's 3:05 am, what on earth are we doing in the car? We're going fishing What are we going to do? We're going to try to catch a catfishso let's go Coffee! thanks! A new river

so it will be searching again for usbut we hope to get at least one fish or one activity Yep! – We heared about some big ones in there

and we are going to try to catch those We arrived in France about one hour agowe just bought some groceries and put up our tentsnow we are going to build up the boat and go out for the first time Exciting! What's the plan? – We know there is a weir down therewe have good experience with weirs so we will start there with luresif that's nothing we will find some other spots to cast lures

and if that doesn't work, we will start drifting with baitfish and wormsthen we will search for them We found the weir and there are depths of 10+ meters so that really smells like catfishand this is a new technic for us a clonk teaserwith a treble hook completely filled with worms

and those catfish seem to be very picky on the strike so I added an extra small hookand I also put some worms on this hook but then doubleso they can't pull the ends Stef you look tired – Yes I am only 4 hours of sleep and a full fishing day so then you are quite tiredbut very hopeful; we have had several rising fish on the sonar

they didn't strike but very clear catfish activity so we are doing something correctbut now we have to find out what to do to get them bite But first a good night of sleeping Good morning! Day two, we have a full day aheadwe will fish again until darkness and we already know some nice spotsand now it's a matter of pushing untill that stupid catfish will bite How bizar, we do our first drift in here with baitfish and without using the clonk

and the first drift immediately a good signal under the baitI get the fish to rise up with my lureand under the bait the fish swims awayso I drop my bait behind him and he comes up again

and he follows up some metersso it's 100% sure catfish but he just doesn't take the baitThis is what you hear often, that those cats can be that you need some persistence to actually get them bite -How about our first time of catfishing

? – yeah; nose, butter, bam 😉 Aah this is brilliant! What crazy cool this is! Is it a nice one? – Yes it feels quite okay Oh YES! This was really brilliant All the time nothing, and all of a sudden it comes Yes we had a fish at the bottomand I drive back with the boat to the fishStef clonks the fish up

I have the line in my hands and with short pulls I jig it upand suddendly POK! – And really hard? – Yes a real good strike it was Immediately some cuts in my finger from the lineand now we have it! but hey we did it man! Yes there he isaround 120 – 130 cm or something Yes! Yes look at that! How cool How freaking awesome Shall I just grab it immediately? – Yeah Got him! YES! I am so incredibly happy! This is so awesome We did it Awesome Look what a beautiful beast How big is it? 131cm and my first catfish on worms First fish on the clonk Super super cool, let's get him back swimming Look how nice on his back – Yeah And off it goes, hoppa! The first fish has to be celebrated That sais it all, this one is really stuck Cheers! Insane much fish in here now This day has sadly come to an endI just got a strike but missed itI had a catfish under my bait and jigged it upAnd right at the moment I had my arm in the air

Pof No space to set the hook

So I tried to set the hook but missed it Tomorrow we will get up early and come back hereBecause the amount of fish we see here is insane It's a wrap! Last day we did not get any strikesbut the weekend was great with 2 activities

and a new technicso off to home and off to a new adventure!

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