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telescopic fishing rod

telescopic fishing rod

Telescopic fishing rods are the ultimate option in portability and versatility when it comes to angling. Although the overall function of telescopic rods is typically inferior to that of traditional fishing poles, there are some solid options on the market worth owning.

If you enjoy hiking into the wilderness and often come across fishable water – you ought to have a highly packable fishing system on your person. If you’re the kind of avid angler who can’t help but pull over on the side of the road when you see a sexy looking stream or pond – you better have a telescopic fishing rod ready to go tucked under the seat. A collapsible fishing pole is an excellent tool for all sorts of angling contexts and also a great introduction to fishing for kids and adults – stick to our top list for the best quality and value options on the market!

Keep in mind that most telescopic rod and reel combos are not equipped with high-quality spinning reels and they are often quite prone to malfunction/failure. Although the included reels can be adequate for beginners and for casual fishing, this post is more focused on the listed rods rather than reels – plan on using (or buying) a nicer quality reel you’re familiar with if you’re a more serious angler looking for a telescopic setup.

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