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Who says you can’t find a great deal in boating anymore? There are tons of products out there that boaters want and need that don’t require a second line of credit on your home to buy. Here are 30 products that cost under $30 that may be worth more to you than their price tag indicates.

West Marine Flip Lock Drain Plug

If you’ve ever forgotten to put the plug in, then you know it makes sense to keep a few drain plugs handy. $9.99; westmarine.com

Taylor Made Port and Starboard Mini Keychain Floats

Red, right, return? Keep track of port and starboard with these keychain floats. $14.99; taylormadeproducts.com

Benetech GM816 Handheld Anemometer

Need a wind reading? Yes, there’s an app for that. But to get accurate real-time wind measurements at your location, a handheld anemometer is the real deal. $26.73; amazon.com

Survival Puck First-Aid Kit

Space is always at a premium on boats and personal watercraft, which is why this compact first-aid kit is great to bring aboard. The palm-size container holds bandages, antibiotics, antiseptics and sterile tools to use should a medical need arise. $13; survivalpuck.com

Sea to Summit 20-Liter Dry Sack

This lightweight, waterproof bag has taped seams and a roll-top clip system to keep your gear safe from water. It’s available in five different colors. $23.95; seatosummitusa.com

Overton’s Four-Buckle Nylon Vest

These closed-cell foam flotation vests come in different colors and can be used on board or during watersports. $24.99; overtons.com

Davis Queaz-Away Relief Bands

Slip on these wristbands to apply acupressure to your wrists to help combat seasickness symptoms while at sea. $10.99; amazon.com

Rite in the Rain Large Waterproof Spiral Notebook

Some of us still like to keep manual ship’s logs or maintenance logs. Whatever your need, a waterproof notebook is the right way to go on a boat. $8.95; riteintherain.com

Flambeau 14-Inch Marine Dry Box

This hard case has a water-resistant O-ring seal that, when latched down, keeps the gear inside dry. $15.36; walmart.com

Olixar X-Ranger iPhone X Survival Case

Keep your iPhone protected with this rugged case that has a flip-out kickstand and a concealed multitool that’s about the size of a credit card. $27.99; olixar.com

NoCry Cut-Resistant Gloves

If you plan on working with knives or sharp tools on your boat, these gloves will protect your digits. Made from polyethylene, fiberglass and spandex, they are cut-resistant and machine-washable. $10.99; nocry.com

Grundens Watch Cap

Made from 100 percent acrylic fabric, this classic cap will help any boater keep his head in the game while venturing offshore in cooler climes. $14.99; shop.grundens.com

Pelagic Gear Circle Bottle-Opener Keychain

One thing about bottle openers is when you need one, you can never find one. Change that with this keychain from Pelagic. $15; pelagicgear.com

MagBand Magnetic Wristband

When working on boats, dropping drill bits and other tool parts into the bilge or some hard-to-reach place is always a risk. Keep them attached to you by wearing this Mag-Band magnetic wristband while you work. $12.99; amazon.com

Fireboy Xintex SS-775 Smoke and Fire Alarm

This general-purpose smoke and fire alarm runs on a 9-volt battery so you don’t have to hard-wire it to your boat. $24.99; westmarine.com

Smith’s Adjustable-Angle Pull-Through Knife Sharpener

This manual sharpener lets you adjust the settings to course or fine to sharpen a wide variety of knives. $24.99; smithsproducts.com

Whistles for Life Tri-Power Whistle

This clip-on emergency whistle can be added to your life jacket, used as a keychain or kept handy aboard your boat. The plastic waterproof whistle creates 120 decibels of rescuer-alerting sound. $5; rei.com

Meguiar’s Boat/RV Air Refreshers

Use the fog canisters to get rid of annoying odors belowdecks. After fogging an enclosed area for 15 minutes, open the area and let it air out, and the odors will be gone. $19.99; westmarine.com

Airhead Complete Folding Anchor System

This 3.5-pound four-fluke anchor is designed for use with small boats, dinghies, kayaks, canoes and PWC. Packs into a bag along with a 25-foot nylon rope and a float. $29.99; amazon.com

Snow Peak Titanium Spork

Eating aboard a small boat can be civilized if you pack the right cutlery. Slurp or chew with this lightweight, durable spork made from titanium. $9.95; amazon.com

Cleatus Cups

Cleatus cups use a 6-inch cleat as a handle, giving them the perfect nautical look while holding a 24-ounce beverage. They can be customized. Starts at $16.95; cleatuscups.com

Lead Masters Stretch Wrap Finger

Protect your fingertips from line cuts or any other kind of abrasion while fishing or doing general boating maintenance. $3.29; lpfishingsupply.com

Suunto Clipper L/B NH Compass

Underrated and underappreciated, a magnetic compass should be part of every boater’s tool kit. Use this clip-on as a backup to your fixed mount to help find the way home. $20; suunto.com

Sheldon SFD Fish Descender

Designed to safely return fish to great depths, the Sheldon SFD Fish Descender clips to the fish’s mouth. Tie your line to one end and a heavy sinker to the other end, and send the fish back home. $8.69; bigcountrysportinggoods.com

Mad Grit Double Parachute Camping Hammock

Part of the boating life should always include a time and a place to hang a hammock by the water. This one, made of parachute nylon, squishes down into a portable sack and hangs with straps instead of ropes. Holds two adults. $27.95; amazon.com

Ironwood Pacific Top-Snapper Tool for Boat Snaps

Snapping and unsnapping boat canvas is a job that nobody loves. Make it easier with this snapper tool that helps align snaps for fastening and also helps unsnap without breaking snaps or tearing the canvas. $19.95; ironwoodpacific.com

Buff Aquatic Camo Headband

Smaller than traditional Buff head wear, the headband is a great way to keep out of the sun and keep the sweat off. $15; buffusa.com

AFTCO Spin Strap

Use the Spin Strap to get better pulling leverage with your spinning rod when using a harness and belt. $10.99; meltontackle.com

Dock Edge MFP Fender Line

Get this multicolored fender line to keep your fenders safe and secure at your boat or mooring. The nylon mesh rope will stand up to the elements yet remain soft and pliable. $4.99; jet.com

Blacktip Vertical Three-Rod Rack

Stow rods aboard any boat with this one-piece rack made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene. It’s easy to install and lets you create space for rods on any boat. $29.99; westmarine.com

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