2017 IFA Open #1 – St Bernard Parish, LA

(music) – [Announcer] This week the IFA returns to the redfish-rich waters of southern Louisiana For the Lucas Oil Redfish Open presented by Cabelas

We've got the best of the best here Competing for an all-cash payout The action starts right now (music) The Inshore Fishing Association and Cabelas present the oldest, largest, and most prestigious redfishing tournament series in the nation The IFA Redfish Tour

(music) This weekend we're in St Bernard Parish here in Louisiana We're here for our first of the 2017 Lucas Oil Open presented by Cabelas – This is the big league, this is all the heavy hitters in Lucas Oil Open If you're not hitting it hard and going swinging for the fence with big fish, you shoulda stayed home

– You really are fishing with the best of the best And, you know, every guy that's here has kicked one out, and busted the big swingers both days – Ah, beautiful day, let's catch some beautiful fish – Lot's of nervous water out there in the middle – Our practice has been kinda tough

We found about three areas that have fish Four five here, three four there But they're all within a acre There's a fish right in front of us Two three of them right there

That's where they're sitting right here That was them (music) – There it is, fish on Fish on – Big 'un? – I can't tell

– You just stay up there, I got ya – He looks – Huh? – Yeah, he looks good son

He looks like he's a good fish to have off the get go – Alright Coming down You stay up there, I got ya, I got ya – I don't like any water with this big ol' hook on it

– Alright, then come down now (gear rattling) Yeah, that's it That's a good looking fish – Yeah, he's a good lookin' fish You get his head up

Yeah, that's a good fish Oh, he's over Think? Yep (water splashing) (grunting) – Got him? (splashing) Be a pig, be a keeper God, he's fat

Whooo Oh yeah, oh yeah Whoo hooo, yeah baby First cast First fish He's gotta be eight

He's got ta be eight He's an eight pound fish Good Close to it That's the way to start off the morning brother

Yes sir, yes sir Alright Man – [Announcer] We'll check back with then Henningers shortly Moving on, we catch up with Trevor Taylor and Bill Burke

– That didn't take long – Nope – Go around me, I'm gonna hook up with this one He's coming back over you He's not that good

I knew there was one counting right there The plan is we gotta couple ponds that we know where there's a school of reds They're gonna be on the surface, so we'll be looking for them, sight fishing on the tower most of the day The water's fairly clear where we're gonna be We shouldn't have any issues visually seeing the fish

So, everything's gonna be short sight cast, probably 20 feet from the boat It should be interesting Alright come this way Oh no, oh no Here it comes

It's gonna turn Alright, lift him Boomskis Not huge, but he's alright It's a start

Yep Seven pounds Sounds good, seven pounds Yeah? Yeah, right at seven It's a good fish

(music) – [Announcer] Day one went exactly as expected Back at weigh in Trevor Taylor and Bill Burk put two on the scales for 1511 and 18th place Checking on our other featured team, the Henningers, landed in 19th after weight in two for 1471

Looking at the Lucas Oil leader board we've got a two way tie for third Gritter Griffin and Erik Nelson, are sitting in second Chad Dufrene and Barnie White finished out the day on top, with two for 1746 Stay with us, coming up we'll get right back into tournament coverage

The 2017 IFA Lucas Oil Redfish Open presented by Cabelas From Hopedale, Louisiana The IFA Redfish Tour is presented to you by Cabelas, it's in your nature By Ranger Boats, still building legends one at a time Powered by Ram Trucks, guts, glory, Ram

Welcome back to St Bernard Parish Louisiana This is day two of the Lucas Oil Redfish Open, presented by Cabelas And we just launched out of Hopedale Marina We've got 27 of the top redfish teams in the country on hand

And they're fishing for a piece of the 37 thousand dollar total purse This is a team of Chad Dufrene and Barnie White, they're on top after weighing two for 1746 on day one They're making their run to their first spot, and we'll check back with them later We'll continue tournament coverage with Christopher Pike and Rob Brown

– We had a good day yesterday, we're trying to repeat today We got some, you know, pretty sunny skies so hopefully we get on some fish, see 'em and do the same as yesterday Saw a lot of fish yesterday, they were a little skittish with the full moon, but I think we're on the pattern We just gotta try to find the lead shoreline and get 'em some clean water We excited and it looks like it'll be another good day for us

– [Announcer] Picking up right where they left off, Chris and Rob quickly boated their first fish of the morning at 26 inches and seven pounds That's a good start, but if they're fishing for the win, they'll have to do a little bit better – We put the tag on this one – Pull that – Alright, put the tag on this one

– Whoa, I didn't have a cup of coffee either – Fish on Small Alright, we'll be fishing 'em too Watch it

Alright You got him? Yes sir (coughs) What is he? 23 and a half – [Announcer] Just minutes into day two and Chris and Rob have two in the livewell – Hold on buddy, hold on buddy

Put your brother in here with you – [Announcer] Catching up with our day one leaders, Chad Dufrene and Barnie White, are back in position And back on the fish – About six pounds – [Announcer] Teams are fishing for their best two redfish within Louisiana's 16 to 27 inch slot limit

The game is to catch any two you can, and then upgrade throughout the day Specifically anglers are targeting redfish at the upper end of the slot limit Those big Louisiana redfish pushing 27 inches can weigh up to nine and a half pounds Those are the money fish They aren't easy to find

It's a game of inches and ounces But there's a lot of money on the line You do what it takes – I guess – Yep

– Alright – Don't scare em away – What? – Don't scare em – How many are there? Four Bumping em in

– You clear? (groaning) – [Announcer] It's still early on day two and our leaders have a limit for right around 14 pounds While Chad and Barnie reset, we'll take a break from the action Coming up, we'll get right back out on the water for more tournament coverage from the 2017 Lucas Oil Redfish Open, presented by Cabelas (music) The IFA Redfish Tour presented by Cabelas, is also brought you, in part, by Power-Pole Shallow water Anchor System Mercury Marine, go boldly

And by Luca Oil, it works Welcome back to southern Louisiana We'll get right back into tournament coverage with our day one leaders, Chad Dufrene and Barnie White – It's a little bit deep, so I'm gonna stop See if anything swims up

Where ya at red devil? Where ya at? Barnie'll pick em out There he is Yep You got it? Pretty good one, huh? Yeah I think so No, no, stay here

He's trying to come out (splashing) It's a pretty good one Yeck yeah Yeck yeah Decent? Upper slot

Got the grip? Ahhhh Well, you have to play with big fish to get one to measure So I'd rather be catchin' these all day long and no dinks 'Cause sooner or later you're gonna get one to measure, and these fish are footballs – Yeah, they are

– Where'd they come from? – I don't know but I'm glad they're here – I'm glad they're here too (laughing) – Come on, you're good There you go – [Announcer] Back on Chris Pike and Rob Brown, they started the morning tied for third

They've already got two in the livewell, around 12 and a half pounds And if it keeps, this fish will most certainly help – That's a good fish, perfect – Six 11 – Yep

– What's the other one? – Six and a half – Good fish – [Announcer] Due to TV time constraints we're only showing you part of the action For additional coverage check out the IFA FaceBook page – Yep put a tag on this one

Nice upgrade – No doubt when you're trying to go through fish like this these culling tags make a huge difference Keep the tag on a small one and try to go through 'em Save you a lot of time Alright, good job

– Where's he at? – Right here, right here Small, he's small – Yep – Decent fish Fighting me

Ah, I don't think so Barnie – No? – I don't know, getting better – Kinda fat – Getting better – Man that little thing stuck me

(laughing) Ow That little clip dug me again Can't see my line And he fricking ate it, he decided to eat it – Wait, don't pull it

I don't know where it's at Whoa, it's not bad, it's in the skin I don't wanna kill the gill, though If this measures it is a stud Hell yeah

That's the one we're lookin' for We'll have to get rid of that other one (splashing) Shall we remeasure shall we remeasure this one? Yeah, go ahead Check that other one Make sure he's not flipping over It's too close, man I say we don't bring that in

I say let it go Barnie, what do you say? You just gonna let him go before I even say something, huh? (laughing) That's what I say Okay, alright Got that devil off now That's a good fish I'm not gonna tell you what it weighs, but that's a pig

That is a pig You're gonna have to stayed tuned for the weigh in, to find out what that one weighs Whoooa With that one and that one, we got a shot – [Announcer] With time running out Dufrene and White are happy

Coming up, we'll wrap it up on the water and head back to Hopedale Marina for weigh in (music) The IFA Redfish Tour presented by Cabelas is also brought to you, in part, by Minn Kota Trolling Motors, anywhere, anytime by Hobie Fishin Arctic Ice, we put the cool in coolers and by Berkeley Gulf Welcome back to day two of the 2017 IFA Lucas Oil Redfish Open presented by Cabelas We're in southern Louisiana, just outside of Hopedale, and this is the team of Christopher Pike and Rob Brown – That's a red, see 'im? – [Announcer] They launched this morning tied for third, a half pound behind the leaders

They've got two reds for just under 14 pounds Only the top five get paid today If Rob and Chris want a check they'll need a big upgrade – He's on, and it's a good one too – Take it down, take it down

– It's a stud right there baby – Hold on There you go Good job – Yes Finally, whoa

I'm down to help you (whistles) Yes, in deed buddy Beautiful St Bernard Parish baby Poke it in here, in here

It's a nine pound fish Good job buddy Very good, very good – [Announcer] Back in Hopedale Marina, after weighing in 1695 on day one, Chris Pike and Rob Brown added a 15

84 to their total They finish the event in seventh, with a two day total of 3279 Moving on to the top of the leaderboard, Fred Myers and Sean O'Connel locked up fourth with a two day total of 3340, earning them $4200 for their efforts

Justin Collison and Danny Sheldon finished out in third place with a total weight of 3377 They'll take home just over $5800 Gritter Griffin and Erik Nelson started the day in second One one-hundredth of an ounce from the lead

Weighing in two fish, Griffin and Nelson, added 1852 for a two day total of 3597 One team left to weigh – That is two awesome fish, right there, y'all put your hands together for Mr Barnie White and Chad Dufrene (clapping and shouting) Alright, we're gonna go ahead and drop this first fish in there, y'all gotta an awfully big mountain to climb 1852, I know you got some good fish We'll see how it goes Let's go ahead and put your first one in there, Chad

And this is a good one That's the way to go, 889 on their first one 889

If they've got a little over nine, nine and a half pounds on their second one they're gonna take the lead If not Gritter and them win this We're gonna see how it goes Good fish 8

57, so not quite enough That gives Gritter and his partner first place Chad and Barnie end up in second place (shouting) – [Announcer] And there you have it Gritter Griffin and Erik Nelson are your 2017 IFA Lucan Oil Redfish Open champions

– It's awesome, this is awesome It's like I said, on stage, 18 years I've been looking for that number one spot Finally, it's like a breakthrough I don't know what to say – [Announcer] A big thanks to our friends in St

Bernard Parish for hosting us this year If you'd like visitor's information on New Orleans' most historic neighbor, you can find them online at VisitStBernardcom The IFA Tournament Series is a joint venture between Outdoor Teamworks and CarecoTV Thanks for watching We'll see you next time

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