2016 IFA Open Houma, LA Day 1 – 1607

– [Host] This week the IFA returns to the Redfish rich waters of Houma Louisiana For the IFA Lucas Oil of Redfish Open

Presented by Cabela's A two day team tournament featuring the best in shore anglers in the country Battling it out for their share of the more than 45,000 dollar purse (intrepid music) The Inshore Fishing Association and Cabela's present the oldest, largest and most prestigious red fishing tournament series in the nation The IFA Redfish Tour

Houma Louisiana has become a regular stop for the IFA Redfish Tour, located less than 60 miles southwest of the Big Easy, Houma could easily be considered the gateway to some of the finest red fishing in the country This week the IFA is launching the first of two Lucas Oil Redfish Open Events for the 2016 season – This is a team tournament it's more of our elite anglers that come to these, it's a higher buy in, it's all cash pay out for this weekend – There's a lot of excitement going into this because you get some of the top tier guys that are gonna fish this tournament – These guys are just top notch, there's no denying that these guys are some of the best there is

– It draws the best of the best, guys from Texas, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, the home boys here that are from Louisiana are tough to beat, these guys know where the fish are at they know where the clarity of the water is best at, all the time their networking system is unreal, what they have here Going against the hometown boys it's gonna be tough to beat 'em, but we're gonna do our best to give them a shot – [Host] Up against the strong field of local anglers, Florida's Chris Morelli and Kurt Shader have their work cut out for them – Here we go – This morning we're gonna go waste some time doing some pop'n corks, maybe get lucky get a fish or two and feel confident coming into the afternoon

The afternoon might, if we have some light skies and we have some sun out here the wind lays down for us it should be pretty good on a bite hopefully for us – [Host] We'll get back to Shader and Morelli shortly Next up we'll check in on Slidell, Louisian's Bubby Lamy, and Sidney Cantelli – [Lamy] I want you right on the shore, there's a grass line off that shore – [Sidney] Okay

– [Lamy] See you cast about 10 to 15 feet off, there you go, right there – [Host] Lamy and Contelli made a long run south in search of clean water – [Cantelli] Got him – [Host] Throwing berkley gulp soft plastics on a laded jig head, Bobby Lamy hooks into the first fish of the morning – [Lamy] All right, how are you Sid? How are you Sidney? (laughing) – [Sidney] Good fish

Don't think he's an eight pounder but he's a good fish He's a good fish but he's not – an eight pounder – Just put him in a live well – Takes a little bit of the pressure off of you to get a fish in a live well, especially early We're just gonna keep moving on

He's obviously not the right size or the size that we're looking for, but we're gonna keep him 'cause hey, you don't know what the weather's gonna do and what happens to some of the other anglers that are fishing the tournament – [Sidney] Six and a half – [Lamy] How many? – [Sidney] Six and a half – Six and a half? – It's really good – Get one in the live well

– [Lamy] I though for sure he was bigger than that – [Sidney] Yeah he ran like he's big – [Host] We're just getting started with day one of the IFA Lucas Oil Redfish Open presented by Cabela's Stay with us there's a lot of tournament coverage ahead The IFA Redfish Tour is presented to you by Cabela's, it's in your nature

By Yamaha Marine, reliability starts here And by Ram Trucks, guts, glory, ram Welcome back to day one of the 2016 IFA Lucas Oil Redfish Open, presented by Cabela's We'll get right back to tournament coverage with Slidell's Bubby Lamy and Sidney Cantelli Leaving Take off in Houma, Lamy and Cantelli made a long run south in search of clear water

– [Lamy] You know we sit near the pond it's got a lot of grass We're throwing weedless stuff, throwing a gold spoon which will give it a little bit of flash especially with low sunlight you'll get a better reaction bite And then we throwing weedless gulp which has the scent on it that helps you in a low light situation as well Oh, there he is – [Host] High winds and rain earlier in the week have muddied the shallows making it difficult for the sight fisherman

Most teams seem to be biding their time casting through the morning just waiting for the sun to rise enough so they can see their targets – Oh, nope Oh no – [Lamy] Yeah you got him – I don't know

– [Lamy] He's running to you? – Yeah, I got him Got something Small – [Lamy] What? – [Sidney] Small I got him

– That's all right All right then That takes more pressure off of you than having just one in the boat You know, we still going cold And it's hard to know when to stop on day one

I don't think you can win it on day one you can only lose it But we're gonna continue on, we don't want to beat up the area too much in case we do find some really good fish 'cause it's a two day tournament – [Host] While Lamy and Cantelli reset we'll check in on the Yamaha team of Shader and Morelli – [Morelli] I haven't seen any movement, any wakes or anything here – It's dead

– [Shader] The other day when we got in here we had fish right in the surface, we had fish blowing up – [Morelli] That was Sunday, we sort of left this alone – [Shader] Was it Sunday, yeah 'cause we had Dan with us We decided not to come back the rest of the week we just knew it was gonna be a spot where we can pop a cork first thing in the morning we got a couple little spots over here that we'll go in and out of to see if we can pick up a fish or two But, our main goal is to go sight cast here

It's about six miles back towards the boat ramp where we're gonna go sight cast but gotta get that sun up a little bit higher – [Host] Tournament coverage from the IFA Lucas Oil Redfish Open presented by Cabela's will continue from Houma Louisiana right after these messages The IFA Redfish Tour presented by Cabela's is also brought to you in part by Boat US Take us with you on the water

By Ranger Boats, still building legends one at a time And by Lucas Oil, it works Welcome back to Houma Louisiana for day one of the 2016 Lucas Oil Redfish Open presented by Cabela's, we'll pick up tournament coverage from the Florida team of Chris Morelli and Kurt Shader – You know the key is getting two really good solid fish, don't try to push the envelope on the first day and then, depending how far you are behind, or whatever, then you can decide what to do, if you take a chance on a fish that's gonna weigh; there's one, big one, big one Oh got

Damn it Come on Got him, got him! – [Shader] Oh it's a little guy

– [Morelli] Little guy – [Shader] All right, poles down – [Morelli] I'll go down and get him – [Shader] I'm just gonna hand you my pole He was cruising down the edge and we just threw right in front of him dropped it down on his nose and he chewed on it

We've seen probably 15 fish in here the other day tailing, so We got to 'em to eat, hopefully by the end of the day I hate to say it but put him in the live well

– I agree, I agree Good cast, Chris – [Host] In this event anglers are looking for fish that fall within Louisiana's slot limit of 16 to 27 inches – Little guy – [Host] Kurt Shader will put this one in the live well but they'll be looking to call him out before day's end

– Key here is the weedless presentation, trying to stay out of the weeds, using the weight this wind makes it a little more difficult to cast this stuff so you wanna at least put an eighth ounce weight, maybe even a quarter ounce weight on there, weedless, so hopefully you can get a little more accuracy that way – [Host] We'll check back with Shader and Morelli shortly but for now we'll catch up with Bubby Lamy and Sidney Cantelli – [Lamy] He's over here Whatever that is just swam to the side – [Host] The cloud cover is hampering the sight fishing and they're relegated to casting to wakes and blow ups

Not what they hoped for But they know that they're around fish Their patience will eventually pay off – [Lamy] All right Sid Right here, right here

Ready? – [Sidney] Yeah – [Lamy] You got him? – [Sidney] Got him – [Lamy] He's a bit little better huh? – [Sidney] Oh yeah, he's better – [Lamy] What is it? – [Sidney] It's almost five – [Lamy] Yeah, I mean sooner or later we gonna stick one

I mean there's just, keep it up – [Host] Close to the launch, Shader and Morelli have hooked into fish number two, so far it's a game of ounces – [Morelli] It's just the same size That one over there I just a flicker, just a flicker and I You know you got to take a shot at it and it was a red – [Shader] He's a little guy, but the way the day's going we'll take him, he's gold Well the small ones are here – [Shader] We're looking for the big ones, we're looking for the eight and a half pounders here the other day

And they're tailing in front of us Hopefully today, we can find them, hopefully they're still in this cut, it's a small cut, if they're here should be good for us – [Host] Stay with us there's more from Houma Louisiana and day one of the IFA Lucas Oil Redfish Open presented by Cabela's coming up – The Lucas Oil upper cylinder fuel treatment This is an incredible product that's going to treat up to 25 gallons of fuel

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The IFA Redfish Tour presented by Cabela's is also brought to you in part by Minn Kota trolling motors, anywhere, anytime By Hobie Fishing By pure fishing, built with innovation, fueled by passion And by General Tire anywhere is possible Welcome back to tournament coverage where in the waiting hours of day one competition of the IFA Lucas Oil Redfish Open, presented by Cabela's, and we're on board Florida's Chris Morelli and Kurt Shader, they've got two small reds in the live well and are looking for an upgrade

– [Shader] This is where these fish were tailing the other day Yeah get over to the left Hmm, there's one right there, big one – [Morelli] Oh that's a big one, that's what we want right there Eat baby eat baby eat baby eat baby

It's a pig Power poles down It's a pig – [Shader] It's better, it's not a pig yet It's better though

– [Morelli] I think it's much better – [Shader] It's definitely a 10 dollar fish Oh come on baby In a second Chris – [Morelli] Yeah baby

– [Shader] That's what we're looking for, right there – It takes a lot off of us, we just came through that patch we seen probably a good 10, 15 fish in there They wouldn't bite, we came to this area, he ate So we need one more good fish, I think we can go drift back through that and get one of those fish, if we can, we're done for the day – [Host] Weighing close to seven and a half pounds that's a good upgrade for Shader and Morelli, adding more than two pounds to their day one total

Moving south we'll check back with the Louisiana team of Lamy and Cantelli – Yesterday scouting I found some quality fish here, they were a little bit bigger Wind has got us, we're trying to slow our selves down So we can fish every inch of this shoreline I know they here, they were here

We'll find out if they're still here – [Lamy] That wind's picked up that's probably about 25, 30 miles an hour – There he is! – You got him – [Sidney] He's a nice one too – [Lamy] That's a good one

(disappointed sigh) You lost him I told you I never let you let it down Get on down here and sit in the back of the boat (both laughing) You punished – You gotta be kidding me

– What happened? – [Sidney] He just came off – [Lamy] You're punished Boy, that spoon seems to be working pretty good What you think happened? Think because he ran under the boat? – [Sidney] Yeah – [Lamy] Yeah

But you gotta get him in, dude – [Sidney] Last one I popped the line, I didn't want to try it on it, and I'm using braided – You want me to tie you knots? (both laughing) – [Host] Despite losing a couple of fish the gold spoon is paying off for this Ranger Yamaha team In these cloudy and muddy conditions The spoon can still provide a maximum flash and an underwater vibration

– Oh I got him Sidney! – [Lamy] I got him! He's a good one too – [Sidney] Don't lose that fish – [Lamy] Sidney come around, come around, run around All right Oh he might be over

You got him – [Sidney] I think he's gonna be good – [Lamy] Oh he's a hundred, dude Put him up, put him up – [Sidney] We're good

– [Lamy] I would jump down and give you a kiss but I don't want to do that (both laugh) If we catch one more that size, we're outta here We'll leave everything else for tomorrow, so I feel really good about that fish, I'd like to get one more about his weight and then we're gonna leave We're gonna play it safe, take what we got, weigh in see where the chips fall, and then we'll get back out in the morning – [Host] As predicted the bite is picking up with the afternoon sun, unfortunately for teams like Lamy and Cantelli, they have to factor in the 90 minute run back to weigh in, losing valuable fishing time

With check in drawing near we'll rejoin Shader and Morelli one last time They've got two keepers in the well an upgrade here could put them in contention – [Shader] He's right down in there, okay I got him out of the weeds Turn the – I got you, we're good – [Shader] Hurry up – [Morelli] Got him He's definitely bigger than the other one

Look how orange this fish is Oh, look at how orange this fish is That's what we're looking for – [Shader] Look at how fat he is You hit the trolling motor and as soon as he hit the trolling motor that fish spooked from the corner then he stopped, and I threw it right to where I thought he stopped and boom

– Ah, man that's a 20 dollar fish (both laugh) – That's what it's all about here in Louisiana, for sure – [Morelli] Good job Kurt, give me some fives – [Announcer] Bring up our next team, Yamaha team, Kurt Shafer and Chris Morelli – [Host] Back at weigh in, Kurt Shader and Chris Morelli weighed their two fish for just over 15 pounds

Putting them in 11th place Bobby Lamy and Sidney Cantelli brought two for 1391 in the 17th place finished going into day two Locking in fifth was a team of Nick Drangle and Chris Howell with two fish for 16 pounds Eddie Adams and Dwayne Eschete are always a favorite at these events and they didn't disappoint catching two for 16

07 in fourth place Third place went to Pierre Dubord and Ronnie Smith for their two fish pushing the scales at 1628 – Another good solid fish shown by Houma Louisiana team, none perishes the way to go – [Host] And locking up the top spot on day one was a team from St

Augustine Florida, Marty Simmons and Kieth McBride – We'll start off with an 847, 847 Great job on day one

Kieth let's see if you got another one to back it up, you'll need 861 to take the lead right now We'll see what it's gonna go, how bout a 914 right there! 1761 that's your day one leader right there

– [Host] Under tough conditions, Marty Simmons and Kieth McBride are your leaders for day one of the 2016 Lucas Oil Redfish Open from Houma Louisiana, here's your look at the rest of the top 10 – I was pretty nervous there for a little bit We had two big fish, so feeling real good about it right now so we gotta do it you know tomorrow as well, we're gonna pray for a little sunshine so that we can see some fish a little bit and hopefully find some clearer water than we did today – [Host] A big thanks to the city of Houma and the Houma Quality Hotel for hosting this event (rock ballad music) If you'd like to know more about the IFA Redfish Tours the Opens or the Kayak events, please visit ifatours

com The Cabela's IFA Redfish tour is a CarecoTV production

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