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  • Great white sharks are found in oceans in all parts of the world.
  • Getting bitten by a shark is much less common than is often believed: According to the International Wildlife Museum, the chances are one in 3.75 million.
  • From the chilly Atlantic waters of Cape Cod to the California coast, here are 10 places where you’re likely to see great white sharks in person.

Sharks have inhabited ocean waters for millions of years, making them older than the dinosaurs. Great white sharks, one of the largest kinds, are found across the world.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, great white sharks live in many parts of the world because they have no trouble migrating long distances; they can swim up to 35 mph and have a warm-blooded circulatory system that allows them to swim in colder waters. They like to congregate in areas with a lot of fish, giving them easier access to food. These areas include coastal regions in Australia, California, New Zealand, and Africa.

While great white sharks are reportedly involved in more attacks on humans than any other kind of shark, the chances of getting bitten by one are only one in 3.75 million, according to the International Wildlife Museum.

Here are 10 places where you’re most likely to see a great white shark:

Source: https://www.thisisinsider.com/places-likely-to-see-a-great-white-shark-2019-2

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