Поймал большую щуку и сигов Якутия Yakutia!

Hello everybody! You're watching "Hot Fishing"! hello again, you're watching "Hot Fishing"! today me and Vladislav came to that place where we fished for pike and whitewish let's take a look at this place there was a camp of other fishers, they are gone now they left firewood Vladislav drilled a hole already right next to the tent on the south side because the wind is from north he is using a snowmobile as a shield we set the tent already and i'll be fishing in it at the beginning if i don't catch anything i'l be drilling somewhere else well so, here we go who fishes that catch Vladislav will be fishing outside to increase his luck i'll be sitting here he cleaned up his hole already that's why he should be ahead of us got it that's our business! awesome whitefish walked nearby and we took it there is another one another one we got another one although it's small but nice nice whitefish it is getting hot yeah, it had already begun so for pikes i'll be using this fishing rod it will fit better for it ok let's try it i think it's a pike pike, pike, pike now the main thing is not to break my fishing line that's great here we go here is an our pike beautifully done purely purely done here is such a thing probably about 4 kilos maybe 3, 3-4 kilos finally i got it i saw it a few times here i couldn't see what kind of fish is it at first i thought that it's a whitefish but it turned out that it was a pike i think it's a big pike we need a bigger spoon-bait oooh look, it's amazing such a small fish caught on such a big spoon-bait this spoon-bait is huge look this is Svetlana Borisovna"s spoon-bait how long is it? 4 inches! here is a fishing today, awesome really great, great now Vladislav will drill next to me so i reset it i put it on the center to capture both of us now i'm gonna show you what spoon-bait he made he was using it yeasterday to catch a whitefish actually he was using it for a while now he made it from insulating tape hook and red plastic and also he caught a lenok with it i didn't know that a tea a tea with milk meat patties we are having a lunch i'm going to pour meat and rice from my patties let's see how the rice will be displayed on the echo sounder i sprinkled a little bit here it goes you can see it on the display of my echo sounder they will reach the bottom soon that's it rice reached the bottom so, guys! echo sounder hyper conducts an action and it is said that if you buy echo sounder hyper pro + you get a flashlight for free they give you a flashlight like this for free it's a very good flashlight it costs 2500 rubles and you get it all for the price of the echo sounder as you see i'm using echo sounder a lot it's a very good device but i'll be talking about echo sounder later about its shortcomings and advantages while it is in my trial yeah and also at once I want to say they have winter covers now for fishing you use this cover for smartphone so you can put here your smartphone also it has a compartment for the battery at this moment my smartphone is charging i'm going to show you once again for those who have not seen yet my previous episode here is a compartment of it power bank here and there is a smartphone it goes like this all links to the product and website of the store i will put in description to this video click to the links see what they have to all smart guys that they say that advertising has begun i want to say that no one just gives me anything for free that's why I take everything for my own use, everything I need and accordingly I use and even I do not take everything i need we we treat this issue very scrupulously that's why the products that i order i think those products are great and if you think that adds are not good for channel you can skip it that's it so, guys now we are going to look for a pike that's why i will remove the echo sounder from the water to save it's battery and i'll go to look for a pike i'll be filming it with an outside camera remote camera that's why video quality will be lower but the plot and the meaning of the episode will not change we will be fishing and we will film it so keep watching I leave the echo sounder because i don't need it the cover too here's a today's fishing here's my catch Vladislav only caught one pike the wind changed a little Vladislav is drilling over there i'll go there too, but a little bit further i'm going to film it in that way from now on i need to take my stuff how is it going? i got something the handle fell off unfortunately i got it come on damn it's a big one big i think it's head will not get through probably oh yes it's a good one let's see how much he pulled my fishing line wow, i'm so far away let's roll it back i caught a big one 7 kilos somebody is driving nearby Here's a today's fishing mmm i caught a lot outside after lunch Vladislav did that before lunch he was fishing in the tent after lunch at least i caught something in the tent Vladislav couldn't do that he caught one pike outside, i have 2 pikes so, how many? i lost 2 pikes i think they escaped i'l show you what we caught today today we had a north wind which was replaced by the east wind after lunch here's a catch and it's a biggest pike probably 7-8 kilos this one is smaller, only 4 kilos this is the biggest whitefish here's Vladislav's catch it's a pike for 3-4 kilos oop, almost lost this thing take it ooh, thanks that's it good bye good luck don't forget to put a like see you next time

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