Поводки двойные из флюорокарбона для жерлиц / Leashes for pike fishing

All greetings today on fishing did not go there outside the window snow blizzard what a pancake cold so I decided to stay home today and make a video about how I knit double-jumpered double-hooks for double hooks arrived why do I shoot this video so simply from nothing to do in memory of his descendants then they will see how their grandfather's grandfather was sitting there trundel in the camera all the shit do not bullshit garbage and then youtube will start banicking Well, okay, we'll start for this, that we need fluorocarbon for some Chinese I do not strongly worry about the pike I already caught holding no one yet had a bite of a clip of a nippers for a fly-scissors a ruler that so well well I do already there approximately on this napkin now measure just 20 and 20 about me need 40 cm for example on a napkin a little less I do not need a ruler, but I'll tell you about something later, for what it's to remember that 40 centimeters approximately so all the line is removed by the bell itself bell bell that's all sorts of swivels well, and that he decided at first knitted with swivels now decided to knit without swivels directly to the joker now here I even have a zipper on the zipper, I used to fasten the leash now I'm probably just clasp the cut directly immediately tie the leash the leash will be immediately fastened here because yesterday I wasted with these with innovations who decided to try with buckles with swivels thought on fig all this is necessary in short all this superfluous fingers freezes all this there twisting to twist drove quietly probably yes it seems like nothing has forgotten this this is it all Well shorter shooed start here they are crazy hands to do nothing we are not going to go fishing, so let's start from the very beginning First of all we take here garbage and do not look here box, too, do not look at the fluorescent here is some kind of Chinese counterfeit probably even do not flush me on leashes ok pike does not we will begin to bite off the fact that we roughly measure centimeters 40 also as I said, but this is how I did again, you do not need so you can do less, you can take more videos for myself can be someone will come in handy that is 20 40 this will be like one half is still the same 20 40 Well, I'm like it now I'll make it doubly memorable on a napkin, just a little there are 2 sticks from the napkin is not enough and all the line I no longer need so cut off that is, it turns out 40 plus 40, 80 centimeters cut is folded in half look here that's all there is someone already there has been shooting a lot of videos on these leashes someone starts so folds and immediately begins to twist as it is there is a look at the loop and drove the twisting of the loops here she remains and on this loop here she they begin to plant a hook someone the tee is immediately tied by someone then a double dresses and as if that's if the pike here is here snacking one thread flura then it turns out that when she drags this thread is here she will be torn off alone and she will get out of the hook simply and all the hooks remains in the pike in the fish there do not know who you catch the pike perch remains and everything that is, now I'll show you what I'm doing, I first fold the whole thing in half here at once I knit a knot such usual simple usual knot as we fasten shoelaces it is of course all as it were, we urinate I make such a small small loop big are not needed here so now a second somewhere a pen threw tying an eyelet I take on the handle of her let's tighten now the sense in what is now when twisting if the pike bites one thread then the loop stays on the 2nd string, that is, I make such a knot someone does not just do it, well, I do not know, I came up with something like this, so I'm going to do with the node so the whole loop was tied up now see how one edge I twist on you then there is on the camera the other from the camera so it turns out the hands are walking that is, here we begin to twist both threads both ends and it turns out this is such a twist I do not know how you can see it here double povodochek obtained double insulated now, I will also tie a knot at the end so as not to untie well the length of the leash itself see I do just on the eye, even in general as it will turn out so and it will turn out on idea the length of the leash should be there is more bait, that is, if you have a bait here is such a fish then leash accordingly it is necessary to do more, if small it is possible to make less leash it's already look, too, everything will come with experience, it is necessary to try all twisted twist well, about there is such a length leash here we knit an ordinary knot too usual knot wetting knotted Only here we still need a loop to make this loop we will tie is directly directly to the joker, that is, the loop should also be not very large we'll make it like this, so the loop is also an ordinary knot the loop should be, well, not that it should be I do small why they are big then understand why I do not do big at the end of the video show that's all we are wetting, you can double knot but I think it's not worth it so delayed all we cut off excess ends and all the leash is ready quickly, it turned out yes Taxes Well, see the leash is ready everything is so he scribbling the carbine, I used to have a carbine and directly tied directly here But here we tie who so who can as he wants wants a simple knot and all the leash itself is tied to the very zharlitsa so hooks I have where? not here now I put on a pause went after the hooks the commercial pause has passed here I brought hooks which on a pike now have started to use Such hooks there themselves see who has more who have less I have so far decided on such then I mean, I basically have a bait on the balcony that is, this end is thrust through the gills out of the mouth and now this loop once we put a hook on this eyelet and everything and pull it up on the stigma shorter than the crucian carp is this hook and everything floats on the carp, let's all right once there is a lodger shcha I'll bring one in some mishochku again commercial break Here in our film a new hero of the carp scooped it from the bucket now show how I plant such a fate in the carp that it will have to torment him a little nothing even already visited the pond, he also stood on the pike so he already caracas fighting quietly carp, does not want to give up Okay, Che you, I still will not hurt you pierce it, I will not be you Quietly quietly Vasya there to him under the gills should be crammed all here and so they saw everything they put on dressing for that he and the lively surviving crucian are tenacious that's all it turns out that hooks Here and so here everything hangs and he swam well, all stop carousing the carp all this is removed the hook is removed more carefully Of course we do everything so there's not a break well and all thanks to you crucian carp a pea zhora send it back to the jar and I will take it immediately to the cane with the live bait, and then he's here the poor tremble so well, that's all I let go of the crucian carp to continue so on what we stopped We removed the hook from the crucian and I take it off in a box in a separate let them better lie there and here we what we do here we just reel up the leash remains all tied up all so time and there is such rezinichka and just press it twice and hop all we put everything in a pouch I shook this crucian, I hope that I'll make a pancake so what's next? and that everything is already removed from my yes? time to say good-bye This is my box, but who is interested in this box? so this is my box and who is interested in your second box? the case for the night is shorter hello to descendants and yet Oh by the way I remembered the same children will look and maybe even scum, oooo

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