Ловля щуки глубокой осенью. Эпизод второй: лодочный/Pike fishing in autumn

scraped painted stevki razine canoes the main camera does not drown the next one row my oar try it right now while standing up, come on Where's the anchor then? a miracle we have anchor Today we have such a miracle-anchor forgot the anchor, op while you were going to have already explored everything change the location of the dislocation a little bit so to the right a little bit, yeah what kind of bubbles are under us? we have a boat does not lower? look repair kit with chtoli? Scotch tape would be reinforced gray, ck in my house I would have closed it up so fast right now on the beach, let's go how much it will be enough interesting we are sinking the boat gave a leak We fucking do not give up like until blown off such a misfortune it's too early a goldfish can try here swim up the local poachers want to chat you where on fishing or what? Did you come to tea to drink or catch fish? and then both have a rest until there was nothing early likely or late Well, since you sailed it was early now, it will begin a? Well, since you sailed it was early now, the biting begins yesterday to one o'clock not a single shock was that you lay down to sleep? the weather is so good this is good for us that threw? all in a row and pieces of iron and jig and rubber bands What about you? glands and jigs are nothing more we also do not have but nothing else was invented, what else can you think of so all the snacks, drove to catch, enough to indulge in schA will begin distribution popistafalis ceased kys kys kys I do not see here it is somewhere how to get there then aha kys kys sits, sits come here kys kys Well Thou, get out, let's go Let's go, let's go, let's go let's go-let's go let's go-let's go on-it-on faster let's go do not be scared of you cat burr your name is now bellow saved cat from under the bridge went somewhere on business podsak anthok? Antoch podsak get it Well, here in the backpack, well, give chtol faster sits, let's go, throw you spinning normal straight so unwinds me let's go crazy with the EP Well, you can not see in Che? Th I'm a liar then? Well, faster chtol see what a bomb schA blurs let's take it faster, take it Ep Anton not, normally not an edible bomb under two here came out Well, Th, it's enough for me alone ah, babe the pod Well Well now, the main thing pulled out do not have the experience with the podsakom will now a boom pancake like a log on were caught today, were caught but you did not take your scales, too? give your trumps we will weigh catch who does not give you fish is normally stuck quieter, where my kutsapa, somewhere in the backpack my girl is a bomb (sings) that's all she got and freed herself a little and she will come down cautiously takes not into the throat so we'll weigh how it turns on, he's off? New super weights now we will weigh schA calms down no 2 195 schA still weigh pokolnemsya who is lying who is lying I say what lies that do not lie or equally I also had my super chinese scales too by zeros quieter, quieter, quieter like that Photo for memory day second second fish again on the same lure with the same Chinese tail here took can you go from there still antoshke it is necessary to catch one and then his home will not be allowed was again again what kind of a fluke was this is all a magical hamburger I Antoshka gave a magic hamburger I ate it and poperlo antoh there is chtolje even a hamburger no badly it would be necessary to sharpen one more early arrived shorter let's go your mother is a pancake ass forgot to close and and all scattered Oh God Okay now we will understand the house what from where and where oh, lead, lead was scattered pipets darken already it's getting dark early now

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