Ловля щуки в апреле. Половодье в Пензе / Pike fishing

All greetings this year at us in the Penza province strong flood are flooded a lot of territories, engineering structures and the like Basic the water artery in this river is the sura of water in it is now very much the level climbed a few meters, now the flood has waned on video with kvadrocoptera filmed one of the bridges through Sura you can see how it looks in summer and now, but it's almost impossible to fish in such muddy water and that do the fisherman at such a time correctly search for smaller arteries of the river spurs and other small rivers and streams there and purer water and more calm weather Here on one of such waterways I went for a predator with spinning probably so with a kilometer passed at all a single place where you can throw places there are good corrupted trees in the water but so far there is nowhere to drop this window damn generally swamp all sorts of jungles go over a tree or what? streams flow into the river, they cross the tree interestingly here, so here are the footprints someone walked in principle one place only where you can catch frogs here they warm themselves, here mesh along the way put on the way here put mesh, stick, to her nothing attached? stop here we leave further already there is no sense to go there everything on the ice such a beautiful thing here we have a river in the ice, let's go further, did not score ticks? ticks can already be, do not see and the road with a gray ribbon, here you try to catch, here in this, somehow stand up, on a branch chtol Yeah and throw like? sit down here just somewhere so I contrived on the bridge just a log you can try the pike-perch here to leave, here around the cot someone can sit yes wiring of course there is nothing the bridge collapsed all, in general it is dangerous here, of course, such a bridge in Penza a couple of casts we'll take a step further away see the ball caught picked up the ball Here and so, here such here a catch still happens at whom there was such catch? I have my first time what are we draining I know where the balls are, there is a shorter sports complex on the river tennis court and here they are when they play all here fly away, about one more the ball is floating, here's another, it's probably a good ball, such a prey, we wash at home wash, a box of foam plastic from under the bloodworm can also be caught catch a box fishermen somehow lost Yeah, I'll wait to stand a box from under the bloodworm, that's such a catch yet, well, well, it's a good box with a moth bloodworm still half-alive some, will go for the winter pick up next winter we'll catch the truth I'm on the bezmotlku I want to, well, do not care for someone else I'll give you more try that ball to catch it still swims the ball schA pick it up the wind still hinders yeah, catch 2 balls What is chtol? there are guys there is weaken the frictioner, do not confuse me, do not confuse me ooo dragged, dragged the guys dragged dragged dragged, is, oh, not bad Here she is guys see what a good pike excellent pike, well, it's an embryo and I thought on the snag so a knock, damn I think on the stump knocked and a pike For a long time in general there was no pike, today that's what number? 13 a number soon ban and then I thought this randomness of chance is not accidental in the past video on the fishing I broke the micro-spinning spinning with which he would have gone this time and probably not would get this pike but fate decided otherwise Chinese lures have been caught that I've just had a light that shone in ultraviolet, cut it straight, get fucked, so neatly it could be hooked get off at all, over the cheek, so what? Let's weigh let's? quietly quietly began to rage, she does not understand yet that she was caught oo, it was unhooked, it was unhooked, so we'll remove the spinning 1780 In short, such is the pike 1780 Almost two Damn, she even gave me a little hook the smallish hook did not expect such a big catch here I thought well, what kind of a kilo there, dock, you catch 800 grams, and then a pancake, on such a river, straightened the little hook weak for her More shortly here such here a pike the complete set from the major kraft korkish a fishing pole as it is called then spinning in the test 7-21 grams of diving Tatula, chinese lure, leash and here's a pike for you for a kilo of 800

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