выезд на рыбалку 05.01.17 Бегедян – реабилитация!

Hello! Welcome to "Hot fishing!" hello dear subscribers! my name is Vyacheslav, i'm glad to see you on my channel today we came to the tract Begedya for fishing in the last trip we came here and we caught not so much fish now we decided to go up a little higher upstream cause here the depth is 3-4 meters we hope that the fish has accumulated in this place we try to catch something here the air temperature today is 20 degrees below zero there is no wind so, let's go oh, it's big *Vladislav asks for the eye i got it! not bad there'll be bright days yet i got it yeah, big one it's a pike damn! give me your eye omg! slipped away let's test this spoon-bait i really do not know what is it oh this one is much bigger look at it one more another pike not bad today i caught 7 pikes and 1 whitefish Vladislav also caught 7 pikes and 1 whitefish so that's all like the video, subscribe and write the comments!

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