выезд на рыбалку от 04.01.17

Hello! Welcome to "Hot fishing"! hello, my dear subscribers! my name is Vyacheslav, i'm glad to see you on my channel today we came to *please, do not make me laugh ahaha stop it 🙂 now i have to re-shoot this video again hello, my dear subscribers! my name is Vyacheslav, today we came to the location "Nahyym" it's a channel of the river earlier i made the video from this place in the autumn i caught fish here i try to catch some fish now the temperature is about 20 degrees below zero, it's pretty warm it will be 22 degrees below zero there is north wind now but it is going to change to south travel time is 2 hours by the snowmobiles so, let's go reached the bottom well done! i got it it attacks i got it oh, it's a big fish i need to put another balancer oh no, i lost it well done! well look at it let it cool down hey, look at it the thickness of ice is one meter I'm definitely telling you it's about 1 meter the bottom of the box is broken never buy such a box, I do not advise the bottom is broken not to mention this it always breaks down good fish i like it oh, i caught a small pike so small pike it's a high-speed snowmobile Vladislav takes his catch *jokes how much pikes do you have? 5 aa, you caught 24 perches, right? and 2 pikes and 2 pikes so, let's sum it up Gavril – 24 perches, 1 pike Vladislav – 30 perches and 3 pikes me – 9 perches and 1 pike so, that's it stay tuned, subscribe and like the video thank you for watching!

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